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Video Recording from 2020 Mycelium Mysteries Virtual Event with Dominique Christina & Mariavittoria Mangini, PhD, FNP.


Poetry w/ Dominique Christina

Doctor, Destroyer, Diviner, Delighter---Women, and Sacred Plants | Mariavittoria Mangini, PhD, FNP


From the earliest times women have been associated with plants and plant life. The image of the woman in her garden is an archetype crossing all time and cultures, connecting the enchantress Cleopatra, the mushroom curandera Maria Sabina, and the medical cannabis pioneer Valerie Corrall. The goddesses of myths and antiquity, as well as real women of the ancient world, were closely associated with sacred plants and mushrooms, and with the powers of healers and seers. Ancient history recorded an abundance of images depicting women with sacred plants: they are on wall friezes, crockery, in tapestries and other art forms and cover all facets of the meaning of the word “drug’ – a magic potion such as a love philter , a healing medicine, and a dangerous poison. This talk will present some of these images, as well as images and stories of modern women wise in the ways of sacred plants and fungi.

MM 2020 Keynote: Doctor, Destroyer, Diviner, Delighter~Women, and Sacred Plants

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