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What women are saying about Midwest Women's Herbal Conference and Mycelium Mysteries: Women's Mushroom Conference


"Well, I am grateful for my restorative time at the Midwest Women's Herbal Conference. I took so many notes from inspirational classes. I took part in a limpia. I spent time at the healing tent where I received body work. The conference organizers took such great care of me, as I needed lots of golf cart rides due to a mobility concern. The food was the epitome of healthy. The weather was adventurous but we were all tended to. The camp director of the venue was approachable and attentive. ❤️🍃🧚🏽‍♂️ Linda Conroy was an empowered and super conscious communicator and I’m proud of the safe space she provided for the community. It’s very rare I come home from an event and travel feeling so refreshed and replenished."
~Mimi Hernandez, 2024 Keynote Speaker and Author

"The Midwest Women's Herbal Conference events are fantastic! Sadly, I've only been able to participate in the mushroom conference, and can't wait to attend again in September. The organizers are awesome and provide a rich and nourishing banquet for our bodyminds and spirits. Big thanks to Linda Conroy who creates such an awesome women's event!"

~Ruth Barrett, '23 & '24 Mycelium Mysteries Presenter & Conference Ceremonial Leader

"This year was my 7th Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference! I want to thank my teacher, Linda Conroy, and the whole coordinating team for creating a nourishing and safe place for women to learn in community. I also want to think my co-coordinator, Crystal Stevens, for 3 awesome years of facilitating the Teen Spiral Camp at the conference with me! It’s such an honor to be a part of this with all of you 🌿💚🌿 "

~Kate Strassman, 2024 instructor and MWHC Teen Spiral Coordinator

"Dear Linda and The MWHC Team, thank you so much for facilitating and organizing and hosting (and everything in between) this wonderful event. I have grown to count on this precious time each year to immerse myself into this safe place of womanhood connection, herbalism, art and now Karaoke!  When I leave the conference, I feel reconnected to others, the earth, and most of all myself. "


"After coming back from the Midwest Women's Herbal conference, I’m feeling especially grateful for my friendship with my mentor and teacher, Linda Conroy of Moonwise Herbs. She is such an amazing leader and an inspiration to me. Apprenticing with her (20 years ago!) introduced me to some of the things that are now most important in my life. Thank you, Linda, for modeling good communication, centering women, holding good boundaries, and supporting so many to hear the wisdom of the plants. I’m so grateful that you are in my life."
~Kaitlin llya Wolf, MWHC Red Tent Facilitator and Instructor

"Community is an essential pillar for women, offering a nurturing network that fuels growth, learning, and empowerment. The Midwest Women's Herbal Conference has provided my daughter Macy and I with a sacred space where we can truly be ourselves, thriving alongside like-minded individuals. Compassion and inclusiveness have intertwined us, creating an extended family rooted in sisterhood. This year was particularly special; when Linda gifted Macy a 3-day immersion with Dr. Cornelia Cho, I felt then and still feel overwhelming pride in the remarkable young woman Macy is becoming.
Through the Conference, I’ve acquired invaluable knowledge and skills. From earning my holistic birth doula certificate to developing a passion for mushrooms and the mysteries they hold, the learning opportunities have been endless. I’ve delved into foraging, fermentation, seed saving, sustainability, self-care, and personal development. These experiences have taught me much more than just herbal medicine. I’ve learned how to set healthy boundaries and use my voice with confidence, both for myself and as a guide in parenting. These examples represent just a fraction of the vast knowledge I’ve gained from participating in various Midwest Women’s Herbal events.
Leading the Work Exchange program has been incredibly rewarding, allowing me to give back to a community that has given me so much. This role has taught me to be flexible, adaptable, and resilient. Without the Work Exchange program, attending my first conference in 2018 wouldn't have been possible. So thank you, Linda, for creating such a nurturing and empowering space for us all. I know it has enriched my life in countless ways."

~Ashley Oomen, MWHC Work Exchange Coordinator

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"Nga mihi nui. My Heartfelt thanks to the Mid-West Women’s Herbal Conference and to
those responsible for continuing to make this happen. What I enjoyed about being one of the Teachers at the Mid-West Women’s Herbal was meeting the diversity of truly knowledgeable and skilled Presenters. From the first Conference to the last one I was a part of this continued to be the case. Alongside that I met so many wonderful women. I have great admiration for Linda Conroy and her organising teams over the years. Linda was/is instrumental at developing (creatively) the range of workshops offered each year. I once was a part of an organising a Conference myself and afterwards declared I would never do it again. As a presenter I always found their supportive arrangements and attention to detail for travel and teaching made it easy – that continues with the
on-line teaching I continue to do for them today. Further, the conferences were always fun and the food astonishing. Kia Kaha! (Stay strong) as you move into the second decade of providing not only an invaluable place for women to meet but also teachings that are so important as we face the challenges of today’s world. A place where authentic information is shared and new ideas gestate."
~ Isla Burgess (MSc.), Teacher, Author, Plant Woman, gardener and Herbal Medicine Practitioner from Central Otago, New Zealand

"The sense of community. I enjoyed singing before meals, the organization of workshops and free time, my conversations with other women over meals, Camp Helen Brachman's land, the sauna was fantastic, the opening ritual, the music performed by all the women as well as the recorded music (I started crying during the "What If Nourishment Works" song), and the nourishing meals. The keynotes were also fantastic."

~Adalia, 2024 Conference Participant

"I have the power to change my life situation. It felt very good being around other women and their energies. Those who had been attending for many years were extremely kind and generous. Women there were so open about resources and connecting. I learned I have a ways to go in getting grounded and accepting my balance of gifts. I also learned more about not judging other women based on superfluous information (how they dress, their responses to questions, or behavior). I enjoyed the SMILES and raw emotion."


"This is my 2nd time at the conference and I honestly cannot pick one thing - the workshop presenters and topic, the keynote speakers, the food and beverages, the location - all of it was wonderful. Having the sauna this year was another wonderful addition, and just feeling the overall connection with all the amazing women and the energy created around the conference was inspiring and nourishing on so many levels."

~Shannon, 2024 Conference Participant

"I am seen and held by my team and there is no other place in my life where I feel as safe and understood as I do at The Midwest Women's Herbal Conference. I’m just honored and grateful for the opportunity to help co-create in this community.

~Brittany, MWHC Kids Camp Coordinator

I find it incredible to consider the ripples that this conference has created..from Linda’s creation and vision to then all of the women who helped craft and mold that vision into a tangible experience. To then all of the women who are impacted by attending or being involved reminds me to keep tossing the pebbles!

~Cassandra, 2024 Conference Participant

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Food as Medicine

"I am infinitely grateful for this experience and I hope to continue to have the honor to be a coordinator for future conferences and maybe even one day I will teach something. And wow, the food was fantastic! I didn't even need to eat any of the snacks I brought. I also loved morning qi gong with Rebecca every day ❤️"
~Micheala, MWHC Coordinator

I enjoy connecting with so many women who share my deep fascination with the plants, our health and our self development. This conference, with all of the interesting weather conditions, created opportunities to practice resilience and adaptability.  Thank you for all of the planning team's hard work. We are all better people for the conference being available to us. Attendee and vendor: Karla

I appreciated the support from the team while attending. They seemed to interact readily, with flexibility and loving care. Thank you SO much for such a wonderful experience! For all the challenges that must be faced, the team seemed to be able to continue forward with great care and reserve.

~Leslie, Conference Attendee

"There were so many quality presenters and vendors that it was hard to choose [what sessions to attend]. Thanks for a wonderful experience. You Gaias are amazing!"

~Jean, Conference Attendee


"THANK YOU for all of the hard work that you all put into making this conference so amazing. It's always the highlight of my year along with Mycelium Mysteries. I'm so grateful that this community exists and I hope it continues for many years."

~Rebecca Chandler, Instructor

"I loved everything about it! The content was amazing, the community and food was excellent! Prior to this I have never experienced “sisterhood.” I associate women-to-women relationships with something like the movie Mean Girls. I was pretty nervous about attending for this reason and that I came alone. I wondered if I would have someone to sit with at lunch. I was really shocked about the community and friendliness of everyone. Everyone I encountered was willing to connect and make this what sisterhood should be. It is an experience that I will remember and take with me to challenge those old beliefs!"

~Justine, Conference Attendee

"All of you wonderful women do a great job organizing and running around to make sure things are done and handled! I appreciate each of your friendly faces!"

~Laura, Conference Attendee

"I am very grateful for all the love and hard work you all pour into this magical container💚"

~Carol S.

"The path I am on is much clearer now. Thank you all so very much."

~Sandy P.

"Thank you all so much for this wonderful event! Your hard work was truly evident to me, a first timer."

~Anonymous Conference Attendee

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