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Midwest Women's Herbal Mission Statement

Midwest Women’s Herbal provides herbal education and opportunities for transformation. Immersed in the Wise Woman Tradition, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters, and children gather in a co-created village. Through earth-centered healing and nourishment we ally with the plants that grow around us. From the ground up we connect to weave ourselves, our families, and our communities into the dynamic spiral of health.

Midwest Women's Herbal Vision Statement

We live in a world where the feminine is honored and respected; where women stand fully in their power, acknowledging their wisdom, skills and innate healing abilities.

It takes a village….Here are the talented, dedicated women who are already working behind the scenes to weave the container, holding the possibilities for your conference experience. Now we just need YOU! With your sisters and friends co-creating the weekend, anything is possible! Learn More About Midwest Women's Herbal's Rich Herstory

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Our scholarships are funded through the generosity of our Donors and Sponsors. 

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Email: herbwomen@gmail.com

Mailing Address: Midwest Women’s Herbal, 

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Phone: 608-884-0108

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