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Statement & policies

While we understand that these are uncertain times, we do believe it is important to continue to gather and learn from each other as well as the plants around us. In order to do so in the safest and most respectful way we have outlined the following guidelines and requests. It is all of our responsibility to be mindful and respectful of each other as we gather. 


In order to contribute to everyone’s comfort and safety, Midwest Women’s Herbal, in collaboration with Camp Helen Brachman, will be tracking and following up to date Public Health recommendations.  


We plan to offer as many outdoor programs/activities as the weather will allow and our intention that class size remain small enough to allow for distancing. Everyone will be asked to practice distancing as well as wear masks indoors (and outdoors when distancing is not an option).


Upon arrival you will be required to sign a statement that confirms you do not have cold, flu, or COVID symptoms. You will also be asked that you affirm you are feeling well and that you either have been vaccinated OR that you have received a negative COVID test within 24 hours of arriving. 


Check in will be low contact (we will meet you at your car) where you will be asked to sign the covid agreement (view here)

*Please do not sign it ahead of time as it is a statement of your health status at the time of arrival.


The statement asks that you agree to contact the health care team on-site if you develop symptoms during the event. They will conduct an assessment and advise accordingly. You may be asked to take a rapid COVID test or go to a location off site where you can be tested.


The facility will also be following COVID guidelines, checking the health status of their staff, sanitizing community spaces regularly, and asking staff to report symptoms. All dishes will be sanitized, food will be served according to public health guidelines, and everyone will have access to an outdoor dining tent. This tent will have space to allow for ventilation and eating outside will be encouraged.


We will also be serving nourishing meals that support healthy immune function as well as nourishing herbal infusions. 


Communication is key, in order to create a supportive community, we encourage respect and care for each other. Please be honest and ask for what you need, i.e. space, information, no/low contact, and/or support.


Those who choose indoor lodging spaces and are vaccinated will have the choice to stay with other vaccinated women. Women will also be encouraged to choose camping as a low contact option. Those who are staying off site will check in at the first aid/medical station upon returning each day, to check their temperature and to affirm their health status. For everyone’s well being and peace of mind, we are all asked to take responsibility for the community by asking for help or support as needed.

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