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Audio Recording from 2019 Mycelium Mysteries Live Event with Katherine MacLean.


Keynote: Mama Bear: Navigating Birth, Caregiving & Death with Psilocybin Mushrooms - Women have historically been called to be gatekeepers and sacred servants at the interface of love and pain. Through the passages of birth, sickness, trauma, grief, joy, death and rebirth, we intimately know and understand the tenets of psychedelic facilitation: radical acceptance, selfless presence and holding space. Even so, the so-called "Psychedelic Renaissance" has primarily featured the voices of male medical doctors, billionaires and corporate strategists. In this talk, Katherine MacLean will elevate and illuminate the voice of Mama Mushroom by drawing from her experiences as psychedelic researcher at Johns Hopkins, as a guide in sanctuary spaces and intentional mushroom retreats, and as a humble practitioner at the mushroom altar. She will share her vision for a future that includes safe, legal and sustainable access to sacred healing through psilocybin mushrooms.

MM 2019 Keynote - Birth, Caregiving & Death w/ Psilocybin | Katherine MacLean

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