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Keynote: Keepers of the Lore with Elinoar Shavit

from Mycelium Mysteries 2021: Remembering Our Connections


Format: Video

Workshop Length : 1 hr. 5 min. 


Keynote Description : 

In most indigenous societies around the world, like the Khoisan of the Kalahari basin, the Arrente of Australian Simpson desert, or the Bedouins of the Middle East, women have traditionally been the foragers and the men – hunters. Charged with their people’s accumulated traditional knowledge of foraging for fungi and plants and passing the knowledge on to the next generation, women enjoyed a valued position within their family and society. I will discuss the consequences of the dwindling biodiversity, natural resources, and loss of traditional knowledge on the indigenous communities who rely on them, and present some of the efforts made by agencies, international funding, and countries to preserve them.

Keynote: Keepers of the Lore | Elinoar Shavit

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