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Video Recording from 2020 Mycelium Mysteries Virtual Event with Mary Lou Singleton.


A discussion on the (hypothetical, of course) use of plant medicines the authorities tell us are dangerous but our foremothers used wisely. We are witnessing growing fear and self-policing among herbalists around "dangerous" plants. Herbs much less likely to harm us than common drugs like tylenol are treated as poisonous. Let's remember and renew our relationship with the plant medicines that require us to be mindful and wise. Herbs discussed will include chaparral, poke, ephedra, datura, comfrey, Syrian rue, San Pedro Cactus, and bundleflower. Novice and experienced herbalists alike are welcome, and all are reminded to be respectful of the power of these healing and (at times) controversial plants. Class will include case studies.

Forbidden Wisdom | Mary Lou Singleton

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