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Our Fermented Lives: A Conversation with Julia Skinnner & Linda Conroy | Recorded Virtual Event


Moonwise Herbs and Midwest Women’s Herbal have long been advocates for whole, fermented, and wild food. Founder Linda Conroy has been promoting whole, wild, and fermented food for decades. We love eating and sharing about food and nourishing meals that include fermented foods are prioritized at all of our events.


In this recording, Linda as she welcomes author, food historian and professional fermentor Julia Skinner to discuss Julia’s new book “Our Fermented Lives: A History of How Fermented Foods Have Shaped Cultures and Communities.”  


Julia Skinner, PhD is a food writer, historian, fermenter, and visual artist living in Atlanta, GA. She is the founder of Root Kitchens, a fermentation and food history company specializing in classes, creative consulting, private lessons, a membership, and more. She is the author of Our Fermented Lives, as well as several other books and numerous articles related to food and to her past career in libraries. She also writes and illustrates Root's newsletter, which tackles various food issues and seeks to bring magic into the everyday through food. 


Linda Conroy, MSS, MLSP is a Bioregional Herbalist, Wild/Whole Food Aficionado, Educator and Community Organizer. Inspired by the plants and the feminine, she is the founder of Moonwise Herbs, Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference, Mycelium Mysteries and Wild Eats: A Whole and Wild Food Dining Adventure. Linda has apprenticed with and studied with world-renowned herbalists and is a life long learner. She herself has offered workshops and apprenticeship programs for close to three decades. Her passion is herbal nourishment through Wild food/Wild medicine, Community and Women’s Mysteries. Her programs bring practical information and delight to those who spend time with her.

Our Fermented Lives: A Conversation w/ Linda Conroy & Julia Skinner

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