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Audio & Video Recording Bundle from

Mycelium Mysteries 2021: Remembering Our Connections


Includes links to: 

  • Mushrooms for Health & Healing in Clinical Practice with Cornelia Cho (audio)
  • Keynote: Seeing Mushrooms with Sarah Foltz Jordan (audio)
  • Make a Book for Your Mushroom Adventures with Beth Norris (audio)
  • The Wonderful World of Fungi; a Mycophile "Innoculation" with Ingrid Daudert (audio)
  • Mushrooms Identification 101 with Rebecca Chandler (audio)
  • An Ethnomycological walk around the mushroom table with Elinoar Shavit (audio)
  • Macrofungi Morphology: What am I touching? with Gabriela D'Elia (audio)
  • The Mycobiome for Gut and Immune Health with Linda Conroy (audio)
  • A Muse, Mentor and Guide: Amanita Muscaria with Dolly Hodgesmith (audio)
  • Elements of the Sea: Seaweeds and Women’s Relationship to Water with Sonya Sankaran (audio)
  • Lichen Mysteries, Explained with Patricia Armstrong (audio)
  • Mushroom Microcosmos: The Tiny World of Fungi with Rebecca Chandler (audio)
  • The Future is Funga! (And Female) | Mushroom Women's Panel (video)
  • Mushrooms and Herbs for Women’s Health with Gina Rivers Contla (video)
  • Hip Hip Foray! with Rebecca Chandler (video)
  • Keynote: Keepers of the Lore with Elinoar Shavit (video)


This Women's Mushroom Conference focuses on understanding fungi as the Grandmothers of our ecosystems. Silently shaping the soil beneath our feet, fungi are key players in the health of Earth and trajectory of human culture around the globe. Still, we find ourselves in a time where the study of fungi is considered to be a neglected megascience, their mycelium, a mystery. It is our goal to help modern women connect with the roles and wisdom of our female ancestors who always maintained and shared their visceral understanding of the Fungal Queendom.

Mycelium Mysteries 2021 Recording Bundle

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