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Video Recording from Virtual Event - Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference Spring 2021


Using Energetics in Herbal Formulation & Therapeutics with Lisa Ganora


Workshop Length : 1 hr 30 mins


Workshop Description : 

Traditional Western Herbalism, like Ayurveda or Chinese medicine, has a long-established system of energetics that takes into account the relationship of a plant's characteristics and actions with the individual human temperament (constitution). Although many of us first learn to work with herbs in a practical way, we can refine and empower our art and craft when we understand how to include herbal energetics. Learn about how to simple and formulate with familiar herbs, using an awareness of the temperature continuum (warming-to-cooling), the moisture continuum (drying-to-hydrating), the temporal continuum (diffusive-to-permanent), and other energetics such as trophorestoration and vital stimulation. We'll discuss the basic principles of Vitalist herbalism including removing obstacles to cure and providing the intelligence of Nature with the tools required to facilitate the free flow of Life Energy.

Using Energetics in Herbal Formulation & Therapeutics | Lisa Ganora

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