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The Wonderful World of Fungi; a Mycophile "Innoculation" with Ingrid Daudert

from Mycelium Mysteries 2021: Remembering Our Connections


Format: Audio

Workshop Length : 1 hr. 25 min. 


Workshop Description : 

In our 1½ hours together we will explore the fascinating and diverse world of fungi and how we can interact with them in ways that will help you forge a bond with this ancient yet hardly understood world living all around us and without their existence there would be no life on this planet. • Introduction to the world of fungi ecology • A brief primer on mushrooms for food and health • An overview of mushroom propagation • Some basics of mushroom foraging. This class is a primer that will “inoculate” you for the in depth classes offered this weekend.

The Wonderful World of Fungi | Ingrid Daudert

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