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Audio Recording from 2019 Mycelium Mysteries Live Event with Katherine MacLean.


In this workshop, Katherine MacLean will teach the basics of psychedelic facilitation, including issues of safety, maintaining healthy boundaries, the ethics of engaging with sacred substances, providing unconditional support and compassionate presence, and navigating difficult experiences that may arise. She will also cover the basic techniques and tools of preparation and integration that best support a powerful and safe experience for both facilitators and practitioners. This workshop will focus primarily on the role of facilitator (also known as psychedelic guide), but we will also discuss how the content applies to the person who is undertaking the psychedelic journey. This workshop is inspired by Katherine's experience as a psychedelic researcher and guide at Johns Hopkins University and School of Medicine, as well as her experience holding space for people in sanctuary spaces (festival environments) and during intentional, legal mushroom retreats. 

The Basics of Psychedelic Facilitation | Katherine MacLean

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