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Video Recording from Virtual Event - Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference Spring 2021


Affrilacian Healing: Women of Color Healers of the South with Lucretia VanDyke


Workshop Length : 1 hr 30 mins


Workshop Description : Carrying on a legacy of Women of color in the healing arts movement of the south is Lucretia’s life work and passion. Throughout history, people of color have played important roles in the world of healing arts and healthcare. We will talk about their work, folk medicine, history in health and wellness, and the plants they loved. From the granny midwife, herbalist, abolitionist, to food for the soul, to the medicine women who healed, join Lucretia in speaking their names to understand their journey and the importance of their contribution to community health and wellness. Together you’ll create a unique mocktail inspired by her granny’s sweet tea, journey from ancient Egypt to the Southern Appalachian mountains, and experience a plant spirit meditation (be sure to bring your favorite tincture for that!).

Affrilacian Healing: Women of Color Healers of the South | Lucretia VanDyke

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