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Audio Recording from 2019 Mycelium Mysteries Live Event with Barbara Ching.


Following the land ethic developed by Midwestern writer Aldo Leopold and arriving at the language of animacy created by Native American writer and plant ecologist Robin Kimmerer, we will talk about the hows and whys of mushroom journaling, a practice that allows us to stay connected to mushrooms (and nearly all aspects of the natural world) throughout the year, even when walking the woods and fields is impossible or impractical. Almost as important, your mushroom journal will remind you when it’s time to head back into the woods to revisit your good spots. You will need a notebook and any aesthetic tools you like to have on hand--colored pens, pencils, tape, and so forth. You might prefer journaling electronically (I do); in that case the journal you bring will serve as a sketch.

Mushroom Journaling | Barbara Ching

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