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Keynote: Seeing Mushrooms with Sarah Foltz Jordan

from Mycelium Mysteries 2021: Remembering Our Connections


Format: Audio

Workshop Length : 1 hr. 15 min. 


Keynote Description : 

Fungi are among the most fascinating and essential organisms on earth, driving ecosystem diversity, complexity, and evolution. An entomologist by profession and a mushroom forager at heart, Sarah will take us on a captivating photo-journey of the macrofungi in our region, with an eye towards both insect-fungal and human-fungal interactions. Not unlike a walk in the woods, we will find ourselves hovering here and there, lingering over this and that, discussing various aspects of fungal diversity, ecology, identification, culinary aspects, phylogeny, conservation, stewardship, and the nourishment mushrooms provide to a surprising array of wildlife, including, but not limited to, ourselves. Sarah has a gift of opening your mind, heart and soul, leaving your everyday world. Connecting you to the forest and seeing with mushrooming eyes.

Keynote: Seeing Mushrooms | Sarah Foltz Jordan

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