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Audio Recording from 2017 MWHC Live Event with Mimi Hernandez.


Herbalism is not always an easy road to travel, whether it’s a lifestyle or a livelihood. In today’s world of rapid technology and unending stimulation, shifting cultures of herbalism compound the difficulty of balancing life's demands in a big loud world. Our activism and our healing presence are needed in so many places! In the face of all this noise, how do we maintain our true connection with the plants themselves? We are challenged to remain vigilant in the guardianship of our ways, but also maintain solidarity and peaceful coexistence within the herbal community as well as the wider world. How do we cope? How do we show up? How do we keep up? Come reflect on many of the issues facing us today while also honoring the simplicities that make us herbalists.

MWH 2017 Keynote - Cultural Reflections on Herbalism | Mimi Hernandez

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