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8th Annual

Mycelium Mysteries

A Womens Mushroom Conference
 20, 21 & 22, 2024 •  Almond, WI

Call for Workshop Proposals


Mycelium Mysteries, A Women's Mushroom Conference, is returning to Camp Helen Brachman in Almond, WI September 20, 21 & 22, 2024, featuring Eugenia Bone, Susan Leopold, Rose Tursi, and many more. 

There will be workshops on wild mushroom gathering and identification, fungal ecology, mushroom medicine & nutrition, ethnomycology, women's roles in the herstory of fungi and more!  We will have a marketplace, evening activities and opportunities for networking, conversation, & memory making. 

We are accepting proposals from women interested in teaching at this Conference.

Our committee will choose workshops that best fit the spirit of the weekend. If you would like to present a workshop or workshops for this event, please complete the application below.  An honorarium of $200 per workshop will be paid to each presenter. The presenter's conference registration, meals, and lodging will be covered. We will not offer additional reimbursement for travel or materials.  No materials will be copied on site, please bring with you what you need. Please propose at least 2 workshops.

Proposal deadline is May 1, 2024!

Submit proposals as early as possible!  The selection process will take place on an ongoing basis. Selections will be shared by July 2024.

Workshops should be:
  • Interactive, inspiring and informative. Preference will be given to interactive presentations that minimize use of powerpoint.

  • 90 minutes in length

  • Workshops should cover topics such as:

    • wild mushroom gathering and identification

    • fungal ecology

    • mushroom medicine and nutrition

    • ethnomycology

    • women's roles in the herstory of fungi

    • mushroom arts and crafts

    • mushroom cultivation

    • mycoremediation

    • women's mysteries

Suggestions that can help you plan your presentation can be found at this link: Elements of an engaging presentation.

We encourage you to take advantage of this resource. Email if you have questions, need additional information or support as you complete the proposal form.

To submit a proposal, complete the Mycelium Mysteries Workshop Proposal form below.  All questions on the form must be answered and completed in order for your proposal to be considered. Proposals must be submitted by May 1, 2024 online or printed and mailed to us at:

Midwest Women's Herbal

PO Box 653

Stoughton, WI 53589

A proposal form can be mailed to you by emailing

If you are interested in receiving information about being a sponsor, please email us at

To share your enthusiasm about the conference, (Click Here) to “like” us on facebook, and share our posts.

While we always receive more proposals than we can include in our programming; we hope you will join Mycelium Mysteries whether or not your workshop is included.  Workshop presenters and conference attendees co-create this event. We invite you to support what has emerged as a significant international mushroom focused conference serving and celebrating wise women in the Midwest and beyond!

Mycelial Blessings,
The Midwest Women’s Herbal Organizing Team

Deadline for proposals: May 1, 2024
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