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Video Recording from Virtual Event - In Our Own Hands: Women's Wellness Series | Winter 2020 - Spring 2021 


Embodied Wisdom: A Wise Woman Approach to Health in a Phytophobic, Medicalized World with Mary Lou Singleton


Video Length: 3 hours, 27 minutes


From puberty to menopause, the medical industry and our culture at large pathologize the female body, but Wise Women know in our cells and souls that healthy living is our birthright. We feel the call of the plants and the elements singing out to us, telling us there is a better way to live than as walking managed disease states. If you are a woman desiring true health sovereignty, this class is for you. We will discuss the deep meanings of dis-ease and the messages our bodies are sending us when we feel unwell. We will meet many herbal allies who can help us move through the discomfort of the healing process and into states of embodied bliss. We will dispel the myths the authorities tell us about herbal medicine being dangerous and ineffective while we embrace the ancient mythic resonance of our old, old friends in the plant world.

In Our Own Hands Women's Wellness: A Wise Woman Approach to Health

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