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Video Recording from Virtual Event - Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference Spring 2021


Holy Herb Smoke: For Healing, Transformation, and Sociability with Heather Nic An Fhleisdeir


Workshop Length : 1 hr 30 mins


Workshop Description : 

A method to administer hundreds of herbs, once hijacked by tobacco barons and the thread forgotten. Rediscover applications for smoking herbs that help break addictions, decrease the need for psychiatric drugs or opiates, and surprisingly, for respiratory care. Methods for formulating and preparing smoke blends as well as options for smoking will be covered. Suitable for lay people and experienced practitioners, join us for the history of remembering, the chemistry of reclaiming and the joy of reviving the practice.

Holy Herb Smoke: For Healing, Transformation, and... | Heather Nic An Fhleisdeir

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