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Video Recording from Virtual Event - Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference Spring 2021


Clinical Pearls with Margi Flint


Workshop Length : 1 hr 30 mins


Workshop Description : 

The importance of sharing positive words with our clients sends them home with hope. What are some of the comments we share which build this hope? Knowing which facial indicators determine a person's strong constitution, vital energy they were born with, brows, nose, mouth and earlobe indicators pointing to inherent strength can stimulate the mind, heart, spirit to embrace challenges. Watch the light build in their eyes! Leaving your office knowing which markers to observe for healthy changes, what foods to shift to or away from, and hearing glowing affirmation for the choices a person has made which get "a thousand points" can be the turning point. Empower without overwhelming.

Clinical Pearls | Margi Flint

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