11th Annual Midwest Women's Herbal Conference
Celebrating Flora, Fauna, and Funga
Featuring keynote speaker Suzanne Simard, 
New York Times bestselling author of Finding the Mother Tree


May 27-29, 2022 • Almond, WI

Conference Workshops

Conference Workshops

Plant Walk: Basic Family Plant ID | Pat Armstrong

Do you have your mother's eyes, or your grandfather's dimpled chin? Are your leaves opposite, alternate, or whorled? You can put plants into families by looking at their characteristics. Come and learn a few plant families, so you can start recognizing your neighbors and their cousins.

Women Warriors Archery | Rebecca Chandler

For all levels: No archery experience necessary. This workshop will begin with a brief history of the ancient practice of Horseback Archery along with its modern revival and how women have contributed throughout history. Although horses will not be used, participants will learn the various techniques and types of equipment used when practicing mounted or ground archery. This is a hands-on class that will give you the confidence to continue this practice on your own.

Relax and Recharge with Herbs and Mushrooms | Gina Rivers Contla

Relaxation and sleep are fundamental and critical aspects to health and longevity. Every living entity requires rest to function, yet the concept remains mysteriously elusive for many people. In this workshop we will discuss the circadian rhythm, sleep architecture, parasympathetic nervous system engagement, and how to possibly retrain our bodies to enjoy and consciously experience rejuvenation and regeneration during our restful times. We will discuss specific indications for supportive mushrooms and herbs that may help us along this peaceful journey to La-La Land.

Art of Receiving: Rejuvenation through Direct Connection with Nature | Laura Adrian

In this workshop you’ll practice the art of connecting to nature and experience firsthand the benefits of lying on the earth, walking barefoot, and hugging trees. We’ll also discuss current research on these topics and how you can cultivate a reciprocal relationship to the natural world.

Tai Chi | Rebecca Chandler

Tai Chi is a grounding and deeply relaxing practice. We will be going through postures of the Yang 37 Short Form, a common Tai Chi form in the Yang tradition. Postures will be broken down so that anyone can learn them and we can practice the form together. This workshop is intended for all experience levels but with special attention for the beginner.

Love Your Liver | Gina Rivers Contla

Most people think of the liver as an organ solely for detoxification, however, our liver also performs numerous tasks and interacts with other organs in our body. According to Johns Hopkins University, the human liver has over 500 vital functions that have been identified. From ancient Greece to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver has been recognized as a critical organ in many ethnobotanical practices dating back thousands of years. Discover the intricacies of this awe-inspiring organ and learn why we need to shift our perceptions from cleansing – to loving and supporting our livers with nourishing foods, mushrooms, and herbs.

Clinical Pearls | Margi Flint

Sharing positive words with our clients sends them home with hope. What are some of the comments we share that build this hope? Facial indicators can determine a person's constitution and vital energy; brows, nose, mouth and earlobe indicators point to inherent strength can stimulate the mind, heart, spirit to embrace challenges. Watch the light build in their eyes! Know which markers to observe for healthy changes, what foods to shift to or away from, and hear glowing affirmation for the choices a person has made. Empower without overwhelming.

Herbs to Stay Juicy Inside and Out: Being a Love Child Beyond the Sixties | Margi Flint

You have control over what you put in your mouth, how much you move your body, and control over your thoughts. In this workshop we will learn about Stem Cell Encouraging Herbs and demulcents, herbs to assist your brain, stress levels and vitality, and herbs for libido and stamina. Feel a deep connection to your core emotions and awaken the Wild Goddess of your soul!

Tree & Forest Wisdom | Laura Adrian

Trees are anchors for humans past and present. Connecting with trees can foster a sense of calm and relaxation and be a bridge that connects us to deeper wisdom and truth. In this workshop, you will learn skills to directly connect with trees. Come, be curious and play with the trees!

Medicine Generations, Native American Medicines of the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans Tribe | Misty Cook

We will begin with our history of the Medicines and talk about the people who preserved our Medicines for us. We will then discuss the individual Medicines, how to identify, gather, preserve, prepare, and use these plants.

Hawthorn: The Generative Genius | Eaglesong Gardener

Are you ready for an adventure that ignites courage, brings the deep-peace of heartfelt connection, and nourishes spirit's home? You're invited to join EagleSong Gardener on an adventurous local/world tour of the Crataegus genus. You'll meet hawthorn, in her broad distribution around the planet, and learn how to find hawthorn in your bio-region. Discover how three different cultures engage hawthorn energy for improving daily life. And, learn how you can use hawthorn safely, wisely and effectively in your own home. After this class, you'll want to find the closest hawthorn and bring the generative medicine of Crataegus into your daily life!

Hedge Medicine is Story Medicine | Eaglesong Gardener

In this workshop you'll explore hedges as edges, bringing a perennial footprint to communities, gardens, farms and public spaces; providing shelter, biodiversity, food, medicine and aesthetic pleasure. Understanding hedges as complete eco-systems weaving earth and her biological family together is story medicine for these changing times.

Introduction to Plant Identification | Melissa Aurora Adlebush

Follow Aurora on a wild plant walk while she opens your eyes to the plants that you never knew you knew. She will teach you how to identify the plants through family characteristics, touch, smell, and taste. Learn what plants will harm you and which ones will help. Wild food and medicine abound, learn some lifelong plant allies. Aurora recommends bringing a notebook, camera and field guide if you have one.

The Amazing Lamiaceae (Mint) Family | Melissa Aurora Adlebush

Who doesn’t love mint? When there’s so many plants that belong to the mint family, it’s hard not to have one of your favorite plants fall under the lamiaceae umbrella. Learn what the common characteristics of the mint family are and discover plants that you might not have known were part of the family.

Tinctures: Folk to Formulation | Katie Knipfer

Tincture making is an easy and accessible form of herbal medicine that can be done right in your kitchen. In this workshop you'll learn to make herbal tinctures using fresh and dried herbs. Explore tincture-making methods including folk, maceration, and percolation. Learn about tincture concentration and dosing. This workshop will include demonstrations and handouts to make home tincturing easy.

Exploring the Soil Food Web and the Interrelations of Plants, Fungi, and other Organisms | Tina Hope

Have you ever wondered about soil health and the role plants and fungi play in it? Join us as we delve deeper into the underworld to learn about the complex interconnections of soil organisms. We will extend our meanderings to include an up close glimpse of the rhizosphere and the many associations with plant roots that enable plants to survive and thrive in different habitats, including annual and perennial gardens and landscapes.

Adaptogens: Resiliency for the 21st Century | Katie Knipfer

Life in the 21st Century can be stressful. Thank goodness for Herbal Adaptogens! This workshop will be a discussion on how stress impacts our bodies and the herbs that can help build resilience to both physical and mental stresses. We will focus on six different herbal adaptogens to gain a better understanding of their history, use, archetype, and preparations. Learn practical applications for these herbs and leave with a newfound appreciation for Herbal Adaptogens.

Three Common Midwest Plants for Trying Times: Goldenrod, Gingko and Yellow Dock | Lora Krall

Have you noticed an abundance of any specific plants? What is the message in their abundance for us? Now more than ever it is important to trust and lean into our local allies for support. Join me as I dive deep with goldenrod, yellow dock and the amazing gingko tree as we discuss the multitude of lessons they have to share during trying times.

Backyard Buddies: Herbal First Aid for Everyone | Lora Krall

Drawing on my years in emergency nursing, this workshop is designed to teach you how to use common plants from your yard as well as common kitchen spices to support such injuries as cuts, abrasions, insect bites, nose bleeds, and many others. We will discuss various applications and the best supplies to always have on hand, focusing on multiple uses for single plants. This workshop includes demonstration and hands-on practice.

Growing Goldenseal and Ginseng | Susan Leopold

In this workshop we will talk about the fascinating history of two of North America's most iconic medicinal plants, why they are so important, why they are threatened, and how to grow them. Come with questions and a passion for learning about the work of United Plant Savers! A limited supply of goldenseal will be provided for participants to take home and steward.

Ecological Knowledge Retention of Ukrainian-American Across Three Generations | Nina Lawrin

This session will explore the story of Ukrainian-American's strategies of recollection across generations while sampling culturally salient dishes and foodways that echo Europeans' role and effects on the landscape of the Midwest today. The more we understand our own ancestral foodways, preservation techniques, and customs the more aware we are to create space for indigenous foodways and land management with the spirit of sharing vs taking or appropriating.

Parisitic Medicinal Plants, A History | Susan Leopold

Join Susan Leopold and take a historical journey of scientific literature and botanical art of medicinal parasitic plants found around the world. The understanding of these plants coincides with the scientific study of parasites in the human body, an exchange that occured in the 19th century when the invention of the microscope intersected with cellular research. Our knowledge of fungi as well as parasitic and hemi-parasitic medicinal plants expands in relation to their ecological role and their chemical and medicinal uniqueness.

Natural Approach to Fertility | Abigail Miller

In this workshop we will discuss five natural approaches to increasing fertility. We will then discuss our herbal allies that can increase the chances of becoming pregnant. We will do a short womb meditation followed by a fertility blend tea. You will leave this workshop with an understanding of fertility and what we can do about it.

Holy Smoke: Smoking Herbs for Healing, Transformation and Social Use | Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir

Come learn about smoking herbs for healing, transformation and social use. Administering plant constituents directly into the bloodstream by way of smoke is a nearly-lost method of herb use that got hijacked by tobacco barons. Discover multi-cultural uses of smoking herbs, specific herbs and parts, formulating, blending and favorite smoking tools. Suitable for lay people and experienced practitioners, join us in the history of remembering, the chemistry of reclaiming, reviving the practice, and avoidance of habitual use. Sampling included.

Scottish Herbalism: Cultural Wellness and Healing Traditions | Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir

A world view and approach toward wellness and healing that is culturally unique, traditional Scottish herbalism offers confidence of a solid, functional and authentic system. Learn foundations of this philosophy and practice, including life way and thought adjustments, herb and dietary therapy, the use of minerals, animal omens, and ‘butterflying’ to bring about health and healing.

Immortality Practices for Women | Althea Northage-Orr

In this workshop we will discuss Taoist practices for preserving health and longevity from the ancient Taoist women's lineages. Drawing upon Althea's 30 years of practice, topics covered will include practices for pelvic floor health, the mysteries of "Slaying the Red Dragon," conscious conception, and exercises for breast and ovarian health. This is very practical work, designed for women of any post-pubescent age.

Covid 19 and Natural treatments | Athea Northage-Orr

Treatment of viral epidemics with natural medicine is as old as our relationship to our green allies. In this workshop we will take a look at past epidemics and what was used, a review of the information of effective herbal treatments provided by the Chinese physicians in their own Covid outbreak, and then dive into effective and safe treatments to treat and prevent Covid 19. We all should understand how to treat and prevent this condition, as for most of us it can be safely dealt with. Cast off your fear and seize the opportunity to educate yourself (and hopefully those around you). Some knowledge of Functional Medicine is helpful, but not necessary.

Who Says Faeries Aren’t Real? | Althea Northage-Orr

Embark on a spiritual journey with Althea to discover the Devas, the magical beings the Celtic peoples named faeries. Your guide will lead you into her plant sanctuary, which she has nurtured for 35 years. Althea’s sanctuary allows humans the opportunity to connect with, and learn from the faeries who help our green allies evolve. Come experience Althea’s magical land by looking at her pictures and hearing her stories about the traditional ways people have learned from the plants. In this fun and informative workshop, you will learn ways to create a practice of communicating with these powerful friends. In our time of climate change, it is more essential than ever to redevelop our spiritual connection to the plant beings who help heal our world.

Fresh-Caught Songs | Sarina Partridge

Join Sarina Partridge, Minneapolis songleader and songwriter, for a welcoming workshop exploring harmony singing. Sarina will share original "fresh-caught songs" - simple and beautiful part songs for singing through these wild times. These are songs accessible to singers at any level that touch on themes of healing, working for justice, gratitude, togetherness, and marking the turning of the seasons without and within.

Sacred Sing | Sarina Partridge

Join Sarina Partridge, Minneapolis songleader and songwriter, for a welcoming workshop that invites you to slow down, turn inward, and go deeper. Sarina will share original songs that are accessible to singers at any level that touch on themes of receiving and releasing, healing, being gentle to ourselves, moving through transitions, and connecting with the cycles and seasons of the natural world.

Complex Trauma -- Our Toxic Now | Gina Perez Baron

Our modern world is increasingly unsustainable to life. Complex trauma is too-often unrecognized and at the root of addiction and many chronic illnesses. Understanding the role of trauma is the key that will unlock our ability to effectively address the health and social challenges of these modern times. In this workshop, Dr. Perez will present the cultural and historical inheritance of survival, resilience and toxic stress. She will introduce the layers of complex trauma – personal, intergenerational and historical – and share how it interrupts “the way we’re supposed to work”: through DNA changes, disruptions in attachment and development, and how nerves and cells function and communicate. These changes can result in addiction, mental illness, chronic disease, ADHD and PTSD. We are learning some of these responses may in fact be adaptive; the best way we knew to stay alive at the time.

Complex Trauma -- Finding Our Way Home | Gina Perez Baron

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) scores measure toxic stress exposures in early childhood that can result in complex trauma. This trauma is too-often unrecognized and at the root of addiction and many chronic illnesses. Understanding the role of trauma is the key that will unlock our ability to effectively address the health and social challenges of these modern times. In this workshop, attendees will discover their own ACE and Resiliency scores. Dr. Perez will introduce her work engaging cultural wisdom, and traditional plants and practices with Seattle’s urban Indian population and Northern New Mexico’s Hispano/Chicano community. We will also discuss how modern science continues to confirm that indigenous knowledge may be our strongest medicine today.

Cooking with Wild Edibles | Melissa Price

Already know about edibles and want ideas of what to do with them? In this class, we will take a short hike and forage for a few greens that we will take back and cook into some fantastic green patties. These are not only delcious, they are really good for you!

Trauma-Informed Herbal Medicine: An Introduction | Michelle Rigling M.Sc, MBA

People often seek the support of herbal medicine during their healing journey, and practitioners are beginning to realize how trauma’s impact on the brain, body, and emotional system affects their clients. It is important to be trauma-informed so we can create a safe, nourishing, effective healing experience for those we work with. This workshop will blend science and traditional wisdom to teach participants how offer more trauma-informed services, from herbal medicine consultations to plant-spirit work.

Telling the Bees: Plant-Spirit Ceremony with Lemon Balm | Rigling M.Sc, MBA

In this botanical ritual, we will connect with the medicine and magic of Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis). Melissa means “bee” and The Melissae were priestesses of several Greek Goddesses. This rich herstory has inspired bee spirituality for centuries; Lemon Balm can help us embody this ancient healing and wisdom. We’ll discuss the folk tradition "Telling the Bees" as we enter into sacred communication with the spirit realm through herbal tea, ritual honey, and ceremony.

Ferments for Mindfulness: Cultivating Present Moment Awareness in the Kitchen | Julia Skinner

Mindful eating has gotten a lot of attention lately, but what about mindful making? Living foods are the perfect partners to a mindful kitchen practice, as making them requires patience, presence, and the use of all your senses. In this workshop, we'll define mindfulness and discuss how we can cultivate it when we cook. Then we'll make a simple batch of sauerkraut, being present in the moment and mindful of how we engage our senses and emotions as we work. Finally, we'll have a discussion where everyone will have a chance to offer their own ideas for cultivating mindful making in our herbalism and culinary practices.

A Gift of Reciprocity: The Healing Power of Creativity through Ephemeral Art | Shannon Sloan-Spice

In this workshop we shall create ephemeral art as gifts back to the land. We will use items we forage from the land along with tobacco, and set an intention for the offering.

Sacred Soul Sound and Journey | Angela Smith

A delicious way to start the day! We will begin with gentle movement and sound bathing, then follow up with reiki-infused journey work and reflection. It is a juicy and tasty rising ritual in healing the spirit. Dress comfortably, bring your yoga mat or blanket, a journal, and if you have a drum, please bring that as well.

Root-Working Herbs | Angela Smith

In this workshop with Angela Smith, Head Mistress of the School of Good Juju and owner of the Zen Dragonfly, we will look at how herbs play a part in Rootwork and how they are used to manifest power, love, and abundance. We'll also talk about how they were used to exact justice in “situations.” We'll learn about powders, oils, sprays, and watas made with herbs in conjure work, and explore the use of these items and herbs in the veneration of our ancestors.

Homegrown Apothecary | Crystal Stevens

Learn how to build a beautiful home apothecary with herbs you grow in your garden. We will discuss growing, drying and storing herbs, creating tinctures, tea blends, and powders, and go over the supplies and equipment needed to create a variety of herbal remedies. Crystal will provide recipes (and some demonstrations) on creating herbal remedies for cold and flu season, stomach upsets, headaches, heartache, menstrual support, burns, scrapes, and more. She will also cover building an herbal first aid kit for traveling.

Artful Herbarium | Crystal Stevens

In this herbal art workshop we will create a collective art project. Each individual will choose an herb (from a hat) to create an herbal monograph. You will research, draw, and present the virtues to the group. This is a class for herbalists who love art! Each participant will be encouraged to take photos of the completed monographs to study at home.

The Herbal Medicine Chest & Salves | Sarah Stupegia

Learn to utilize common pantry herbs and spices as well as common backyard plants to bring herbal wellness support to you and your family. Learn important safety and dosage information as well as how to make syrups, teas, ointments, and more. You'll also learn how to make your own herbal salves (and tinctures) from common plants and herbs.

Backyard Chickens: The Gateway Poultry | Sarah Stupegia

This is an introductory workshop on the basics of backyard chicken keeping, geared specifically towards those who live in urban or suburban areas (perfect for those who are considering keeping poultry on a small scale or have recently gotten a small flock). This workshop does not include anything about chickens for meat production, but rather focuses on eggs and holistic chicken care.

Menopause Can Change Your Life | Susun Weed

Is menopause the failure of your ovaries and the beginning of the end? Or is menopause a normal and valuable event for women and for society as a whole? Susun will expose the myths and mistakes underlying Scientific and Alternative ideas about menopause. She'll share the Wise Woman view: menopause as metamorphosis. She'll reveal the hidden health benefits of hot flashes. Tell you how to keep your bones and heart strong without supplemental hormones. Expose the problems with progesterone cremes. Help you deal with sleepless nights, dry vaginal tissues, palpitations, anxiety, menstrual flooding, or mood swings with safe, simple nourishing herbs that are easy to buy, grow, or collect. There will be time for your questions, and time for you to share your stories of Change. Your health and life will never be the same!

Creating A Healthy Mouth, The Wise Woman Way! | Kathleen Raven Wildwood

Learn how to heal gum infections, keep your teeth, avoid bad breath, and more! Kathleen will share a treasure trove of information on maintaining a healthy mouth using herbs, nutrition and simple, inexpensive practices, and what to do when things go awry. She will also discuss how to make your dentist your ally, and what to do if you cannot afford dental care.

Teas, Trees and Spices For A Sharp Mind | Kathleen Raven Wildwood

Revitalizing rosemary and memory-strengthening ginkgo are among the many herbs that the plant world offers to help us improve memory, focus, and mental clarity. Kathleen will discuss how to maintain sharp cognitive function throughout life and help prevent or slow the progress of Alzheimer's using herbs, foods, and other simple and accessible tools. Discover what you can do daily to keep your mind sharp!

Colors of Vitality | Lisa Ganora

Nature’s foods and herbs bloom with the colors of vitality. Her rainbow spectrum of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red glows with beauty, nutrition and antioxidant power. The same colors that reward our senses give us clues about phytonutrients in medicinal foods and constituents in healing herbs. Join us to learn how these richly colored compounds contribute to health and healing, where to find them, and how to coax them into our herbal medicines.

Herbal Myth-Busters | Lisa Ganora

How can the herbalist identify inaccurate (but apparently authentic) information? We’ll trace some botanical tall tales back to their shady origins. The actual powers of the herbs will be highlighted in place of the sexy but unfounded assertions that are commonly found in print and on social media. Besides an amusing and enlightening romp through the world of herbal myths, we’ll learn some skills for investigating, verifying, or rejecting what we ‘think’ we ‘know.’

Decolonizing Our Brains: One Step Further | Cornelia Cho

As a follow-up complement to her Saturday morning keynote, Cornelia will expand on the process of "Decolonizing Our Brains" using connection, safety, respectful peer listening and emotional release. She'll answer questions and discuss more in depth how this work can transform your life. Note: attending the preceding keynote will provide context and instruction for this workshop.


KEYNOTE: Suzanne Simard

More information coming soon!

KEYNOTE: Decolonizing Our Brains: Honoring Our Connections and Changing Our Trajectory | Cornelia Cho

We're all connected, but most of humankind has been behaving as if that were not true. Why is that? Why do we do so many things against our own best interests? In this Keynote, Dr. Cho will discuss the colonization of our brains; how our brains are fraught with ideas brought to this land by European colonists wracked by years of warfare, conquest, and exploitation.
Using the process of connected respectful listening and emotional release, Cornelia will guide us in accessing our built-in capacity to heal and transform. We'll re-wire pathways in our brains, clear trauma, and challenge ideas that prevent us from thinking clearly about our future and being powerfully in charge of our lives. It's possible, it's teachable, it's shareable and gives us cause for hope.

KEYNOTE: Seasonal Food Traditions from the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans Tribe | Misty Cook

We will begin with acknowledging our ancestors for what they have passed down to us and talk about what we have learned from our people and the seasonal foods that we gather, grow and prepare throughout the year through stories.

Preconference Workshops

3-Day Immersion: Reading the Body and Other Clinical Skills | Margi Flint

Knowing what the body has to say, we can learn how to prevent illness. Each color, line and marking on the face, tongue and nails holds meaning of your internal health. Margi will explain and demonstrate diagnostic techniques taught to her by the late William Le Sassier and observed on clients in the past forty-plus years in practice. This immersion will focus on various diagnostic techniques including facial indications, tissue color, elimination analysis, signs of hot, cold, damp and dry conditions. Finger nail plus tongue analysis will round out the desired need for three indications before passing judgement! Our immersion will consist of both lecture and hands on learning with ample opportunity for questions to understand what your body is saying to you. Please arrive makeup and nail polish free!

The Art of Ritual: Reclaim the Rights to our Rites! | Judith Laxer

For as long as humankind have walked the beautiful Earth, we have created ceremony to hold our numinous experiences. We inherently know we are enriched by marking the significant events in our lives in sacred space. As our attention becomes more oriented to the material plane, we forfeit the beauty and authority to enact ritual in our personal and collective lives to those we consider to have more power or spirit than ourselves. Women are now reclaiming the right to rites! Ritual and ceremony engage our souls and psyches, bringing deep spiritual satisfaction. In this hands-on workshop, we will explore the components and art of creating ritual for self, family, and community.

Celtic Herbalism: Reclaiming an Ancestral Path | Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir

This three-hour intensive covers ancient and modern Celtic lands and timelines, specific traditions from these areas, Celtic animism, and how body, mind, emotions, and soul healing fit into this world view. We'll also cover oral traditions, methods to discover the cause of health disturbances, and protocols for healing using food, herbs, stones, animal omens and ‘butterflying’. Come ready for hands-on activities, discussion, and an herb walk.

Cannabis for Medicine | Althea Northage-Orr

This intensive will begin to get you up to speed in the rapidly evolving world of medical Cannabis use. We will have an overview of the historical use of Cannabis and talk about the stunning new research about cannabinoids and our own internal Endogenous Cannabinoid System (ECS), the single largest system of receptors in the body and a potent modulator of physical homeostasis. We will consider the legal ramifications, safety for different population groups, and industry standards. Then we will turn to the promising world of treatment – what cannabis protocols look like, what this extraordinary plant ally has to offer us, and how to stay abreast of this new world of research into an ancient medicine. While quite technical, this class is structured for all levels of experience.

Hand Drum Making | Jacqueline Weber

The combination of a simple hoop frame and an animal hide is rich in symbolism, raw in power, and personal to the drum maker. With mood music, ritual sage smudging, and her own experience to support your work, drum maker Jacquelyn Weber will guide you in crafting your own drum and methodically wrapping the handle. Remember to let it dry before you play your new instrument and hear its living 'voice'! We will have extra drums for a closing drum circle at the end of our labor. This two-hour project includes an extra materials fee. Participants will leave the weekend with their own drum to take home!

Cancer Diagnosis? Help Yourself the Wise Woman Way | Susun Weed

A focused look at herbs that counter cancer, stop its spread, and help you - or someone you love - survive treatment and thrive. We’ll learn which foods and herbs make radiation more lethal to cancer while protecting normal cells, increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy while reducing side effects, and protect against surgical aftermaths. We’ll discover the super powers of adaptogens, mushrooms, and nourishing herbal infusions. We’ll learn why most alternative cancer treatments don’t work, why cancer approves of supplements, why essential oils wreak havoc with the immune system, and why it’s best to steer clear of detoxing, fasting, juicing, and limited diets. Let Susun’s songs and stories awaken the joyous, serene wise woman in you.

3-Day Immersion: Herbal Pharmacy Intensive: Beyond the Basics: Making Better Medicines | Lisa Ganora

In this hands-on immersion we will dive deep into the practical sciences and mysteries of how solubility works, and how and why to use different menstrua (solvents) to extract specific herbal constituents. We’ll learn how these constituents relate to the actions and energetics of our most beloved and useful herbs and formulas. Join us to go beyond the basics with herbalist-friendly, science-based medicine-making techniques that honor and respect the power of our Green medicines!

Decolonizing Our Brains: An Intimate Introduction | Cornelia Cho

By examining the origins of the narratives we've absorbed throughout our lives, we can gain new insights into many of our ongoing struggles. In this intimate pre-conference workshop, Cornelia will guide us in accessing our built-in capacity to heal and transform. Working together with the combination of connection, safety, respectful listening and emotional release, we'll start to re-wire pathways in our brains, clear trauma, and challenge ideas that keep us from being connected and powerfully in charge of our lives.

Pre-Conference Workshop with Suzanne Simard

Description coming soon!


Talking Tree Talk: Tree Identification Walk | Pat Armstrong

“The Ancient Oak to the Druids spoke, but any Tree can talk to me.” Bigger than a whale, Older than Methuselah, Trees join Earth to Sky and hold millennia of wisdom. Your conversation with Trees becomes more intimate and personal when you honor them by knowing their names.

An Accessible Plant Walk for Women of All Physical Abilities | Christine Hilbert

This plant ID ramble will be accessible for women of all abilities, including those of us that use assistive aids such as canes, wheelchairs, and/or scooters. We will focus on the historical medicinal uses of the many plants we see. Discussion is strongly encouraged.

Foraging Walk: Reconnect to Culturally Salient Eastern European Plants and Foodways | Nina Lawrin

Join this 90 minute exploration of culturally specific Eastern European plants and foodways during the spring season. We will explore recipes and stories from Ukraine and Eastern Europe as we become closer and more familiar with the plants that our ancestors relied on for medicine, food, and craft. We will create a culturally salient and specific recipe to celebrate the spring season.

Introduction to Foraging | Melissa Price

Come walk with us and we will identify and talk about the culinary uses of the wild edible plants we find. No foraging experience required, but there will likely be something new for everyone to learn!

Collective Plant Walk | Crystal Stevens

Let's gather to learn from each other and share medicine stories and wisdom. Together, we will ID the common name and botanical name of various plants and trees (and mushrooms!)

Wild Woman Weed Walk | Susun Weed

Calling all wild women. Let's wander a while in the garden of Eden and see what tastes good. We'll sing some songs, share a shamanic trance, breathe with the plants, and connect with the devas and fairies. If we are clever, we will return with additions to lunch.

Organoleptics: Sensory Walk | Lisa Ganora

Join us for a full-on sensory herb walk to learn the personalities and powers of herbs. We’ll use the traditional Scratch, Snort, Savor and Spit method of organoleptics and engage our senses to learn directly from the herbs themselves. As humans we tend to focus on the visual - but when we engage the powers of deep mammalian memory, we remember how to read the aromatic and flavor signals of the healing herbs.

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Pre-conference Workshops
Take a deep dive with a 3-Day or 3-Hour long Preconference workshop before the main conference. 

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