Work Exchange

11th Annual  Midwest Women's Herbal Conference 
May 27, 28, and 29, 2022 | Almond, WI
The Midwest Women's Herbal Conference
work exchange application is now open!

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Work Exchange applications will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis. 


Please keep in mind that Work Exchange positions fill very fast. We encourage you to apply early for consideration.

If you wish to apply for the Work Exchange program, please do so prior to registering. The Work Exchange coordinators will reach out to you after you have applied. 

We are accepting Work Exchange positions!

We are looking for women who are willing to serve and support the event in areas such as setup, cleanup, parking and registration support, meal prep and workshop presenter assistance. As part of the work exchange program, you will be a crucial part of the team, helping to provide a comfortable and inviting environment for your sisters. 

Our Work Exchange Team will be made up of women seeking the opportunity to support the structure and flow of the conference. These women are willing to commit to a level of involvement that prioritizes the conference's needs and will attend conference workshops and activities as their work exchange schedule allows.

All women who attend the conference are invited to join us in co-creating a village where service is joyfully provided by all present - women willing to care for themselves and others - by helping serve meals, rearranging chairs, by keeping spaces clean and organized and a willingness to respond to requests for help as other needs arise.


Thanks for your considerations, and keep in mind:

  • A Work Exchange includes discounted Registration & Lodging Fees. Prices will vary depending on your lodging choice. 

  • 15-18 hours of Work Exchange time is the minimum time requested.

  • Part of the team will be asked to arrive the day before the event starts, to help set up.

  • All of the team will need to stay one to two hours after the event to help with cleanup.