Teen Spiral

May 29, 30 & 31, 2020 •  Almond, WI 

Conference Update

After heart-centered consideration, the Midwest Women’s Herbal Coordinating Team wishes to announce that the 9th Annual Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference is being postponed until 2021. While we are deeply sad, we know that we will gather again. 


Registration for our Fall event, Mycelium Mysteries: A Women’s Mushroom Retreat, is now open, we encourage you to register here!


We also have a fantastic library of audio recordings from previous conferences for sale. Check out our audio store today, to start your learning journey. 


If you were registered for our Spring Herbal Conference, and any of its related events such as a 3 Day Immersion, or Pre-conference workshop, please be on the lookout for an email from us regarding your registration. If you don’t receive an email from us in this regard, please email herbwomen@gmail.com right away. 

The Teen Spiral offers unique workshops for teens while their parent/guardian attends workshops during the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference. 
Teens are also welcome to attend any main conference workshops they find interesting.
The teen spiral coordinators will be holding a mindful, supported space throughout the weekend.  Teens are welcome to attend meals and evening events with the Teen Spiral, or they may spend these times with their parent/guardian.
Teen girls age 12-17 are welcome to register for the Teen Spiral.  (Must be accompanied by a registered adult.)

Teen Spiral 

We are a circle within a circle.

Young One, how beautiful you are! Come and dance in the moonlight, feel the soil beneath your feet, feel the breeze, breath of the plants; come sit by the Waters, feel how they flow within you; look at the stars, watch the moon wane and wax, know that you are also changing and growing; see the flower, feel your own heart and purpose unfurl. You are a gift to this Earth. A gift she gave Herself, knowing exactly what she would need. Feel how All Things Belong. It is through the plants that we focus our communion and it is through the plants that the cosmos directly supports our Becoming. We will learn how to apply this practice of plant listening to guide our steps.


We will gather together in this Time out of Time, a circle within the protective shelter of the Midwest Women's Conference, to Celebrate the unique beauty of being Young Women! Sharing our hopes and dreams we may arrive as strangers but we will leave as sisters. Through art and song, through medicine making and listening, we weave the cloak of healing around ourselves, reclaiming the perfect wholeness we were born to enjoy. Pulling this protection tight we return to our communities as allies of the Earth and as peaceful warriors creating the better world we know is possible.

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Since our 3rd event in June 2014, the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference has been held at Camp Helen Brachman in Almond Wisconsin. 
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