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7th Annual Mycelium Mysteries
A Women's Mushroom Conference
September 22, 23, & 24, 2023 | Almond, Wisconsin
Germinating Regenerative Wisdom
mushroom workshops
For Pre-Conference Workshops, click here!


The Magic Mushroom at the End of the World | Katherine MacLean, PhD

It is no secret that humans are facing an epic question with potentially catastrophic consequences: Will enough of us change our way of life in order to save ourselves and our fellow beings on this planet from ultimate destruction? This talk is inspired by the visionary scholarship of Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing (The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins) and will explore the role that “magic” (psilocybin) mushrooms can play in helping us answer the questions we face during these turbulent “end times.” Katherine MacLean will trace the development of psilocybin mushroom medicine from its underground, secret, humble beginnings in the hills of what is now called Oaxaca, Mexico through the halls of academia and the social lives of modern Americans, and finally, to its current lofty status as an alleged treasure of the Western corporate pharmacopeia. What is the historical purpose of psilocybin medicine? How have people changed after receiving it? If more people receive this medicine, how might it help (or harm) our future as a species? And most importantly, how can women continue to be stewards, guides, and living examples of a sustainable, satisfying and visionary life alongside our magic mushroom friends?

The Mycelial Brain | Cornelia Cho, MD

Are mushrooms smarter than us? Mushrooms could hold the key to humans having a future on this planet. Fungi were some of the first life forms to make land habitable and they’ve already survived five mass extinctions and will most likely survive several more. How can we tap into and learn from their Mycelial wisdom? Could a deeper understanding of Mycelium change our own brains? Perhaps it could change our current way of thinking and help alter our disastrous and self‐destructive trajectory. Let's stop just asking what fungi can do for us; let's ask what we can do together with fungi. How can we support them in their wisdom? How can we collaborate with one of the major pioneering and enduring life forces on the planet? Join Cornelia in exploring these provocative ideas and their implications.

The Role of Fungi in Invasion and Conservation Biology: Fungi also Invade: When something we love causes trouble | Anne Pringle, PhD

Are you happy to cook with Golden Oysters? Have you noticed they are EVERYWHERE this year? Because we are passionate about fungi and believe they make our world better (and they do!) it can be difficult to equate a fungus like the Golden Oyster with harm. But the truth is Golden Oysters are invasive and may be damaging the forests we love. Come with an open heart and mind to talk about change and what it means for our future. Along the way, I’ll unpack the colonized thinking that continues to dominate our discussions of local biodiversity and talk about how to safeguard our native species. 


Flowers and Ashes: Creative Death Rituals for the Modern Woman | Katherine MacLean

In this workshop, Katherine MacLean will explore the complex and invigorating territory of psychedelics, death, and personal transformation. Many of us may have recently lost a loved one. Some of us may have already developed personal rituals and practices that have helped us navigate and even celebrate these losses. This workshop is inspired by Katherine's experience as a psychedelic researcher and guide at Johns Hopkins University and School of Medicine, as well as her experience holding space for her family members during death. She will discuss her own approach to being with dying and death, which draws upon Buddhist mindfulness and compassion meditations, psychedelic use (notably, mushrooms, cactus, and MDMA), and the application of fire and water elements to support the physical transition of life energy before, during and after death. Please note that this workshop is not intended to support illegal activities and does not include ingesting any psychoactive substances. Participants are expected to show up in a clear and sober frame of mind and body. There will be an opportunity for brief, confidential sharing of personal experiences (if participants wish), and Katherine welcomes participants to bring examples of creative death rituals they have used in their own lives.

The Microscopic World | Alexandra Kois

Dive into the realm of the tiny, where colorful patterns emerge among the exciting chaos of nature. In this hands-on laboratory, we will use a microscope to explore our invisible natural landscape, including: flowers, mushrooms, ferns, moss, algae, and more. Discover the beauty and interconnectedness of nature, which is hidden from us, yet surrounds us each day. Everyone will collect their own small sample from the surrounding area to examine under the microscope.

Mycelium Magnified | Alexandra Kois

Zoom into the wonderfully weird world of fungi, with a microscope as our guide. Discover the colors and patterns that fungi weave beneath our feet, in this hands-on laboratory. We will compare spores and mycelium from local mushroom species, and explore the ecological role of these ancient creatures and some of their lesser-known relatives. Hold tight onto a mycelial thread, and let it guide your curiosity deep down into the soil.

Sending Love through Songs of Healing | Alicia Gasaway

This workshop focuses on songs that propel us into the Light. Learn songs about healing, peace, love, and building community. This is music that affirms us in our own truth, body, and spirit. We will also learn songs that are widely known among women's circles. Participants are encouraged to bring their own drums/shakers, etc.

Fungal Life Cycles | Andi Bruce

How do mushrooms manage to forcibly eject spores with accelerations in excess of 10,000 G? From birth to sex to reproduction, this lecture will dive into the life and times of mushroom-forming fungi. We’ll hark back to Bio 101 to review some basic genetic concepts while exploring mushroom life cycles and the weird and wonderful ways that different types of mushrooms disperse spores.

Invisible Invaders | Andi Bruce

We routinely hear about non-native, invasive plants and animals, but what about mushrooms? Do non-native decomposers like oyster or shiitake pose a threat to new ecosystems? Golden oysters are native to Asia, and their recent introduction has led to a rapid spread across North American woodlands. This talk will discuss my research into how they got here, how they spread, and the potential impacts of our intentional movement of fungi around the world.

Wild Mushrooms of Wisconsin | Andi Bruce

This is a beginner-level introduction to the most commonly foraged mushrooms in Wisconsin. We’ll focus on the approved species list for the newly-launched Wisconsin Wild Mushroom Certification to support folks interested in getting to know the mushrooms before investing in the certification. We’ll talk about how to confidently identify the mushrooms, where and when to find them, and look-alikes to watch out for.

Birch Polypore Medicine | Anna DeMers

Birch polypore has medicine that we can all access. In this workshop, we will cultivate relationship with this special mushroom, learning about its medicine, as well as working with them to make tinctures and salves.

Shamanic Breath Work Meditation Ritual | Dr. Crystal Dawn Silas 

Experience the transformative Shamanic Breath Meditation that connects us with the miraculous mycelium network beneath the Earth's surface. Through music, guided imagery, and breath work, we'll communicate with the fungal grandmother spirit and receive messages of rebirth, rejuvenation, regeneration, and release that enhance personal and planetary well-being. Join us for a journey of deep healing and connection with the natural world, as we tap into the power of this ancient shamanic practice. Bring a Yoga mat to lie upon and/or blanket, sweater, socks, or anything else to create a comfy nest for yourself to lie upon mama earth.

The Emerging Therapuetic Indications of the Genus Psilocybe | Dr. Crystal Dawn Silas 

Come learn about the herstory and emerging therapeutic potential of the psilocybe as well as how to discern what is safe and responsible use.  

Introduction to the Norse Runes: A Female-Centered Approach | Falcon River

This workshop offers a female-centered approach to learning about the Elder Futhark runes. The Old European root words from which the word “rune” originates mean “mystery” or, “to whisper.” It has been suggested by many runic scholars that the written form of runes originate in the dendritic patterns found in our own bodies and throughout Nature, from the structure of a tree trunk and its branches to our own circulatory system. The shape, form, and energetic pattern emanated by each rune is rooted in the mysteries of nature from which this ancient alphabet was derived. 

Tree Lore | Falcon River

In this workshop you will learn tree lore of Northern Europe and North America, and explore the mythical, magical, science, and healing properties of selected trees.

Yoga Nidra Workshop | Marci Zink

This workshop begins with gentle easy yoga stretches to help prepare the body to relax deeply. We will continue with Yoga Nidra, one of the deepest states of relaxation that can be reached while maintaining full consciousness. This guided meditation and imagery class guides you to relax the mind and body, assisting with the release of sub-conscious body sensations, emotions, and beliefs. It empowers you to manage stress, insomnia, trauma, chronic pain, and other physical and emotional ailments and connect with your body’s intrinsic wisdom of health and well being.

Microdosing: An Update on the Clinical Possibilities | Gina L. Rivers

Could microdosing be the ultimate low-dose clinical therapy? Cutting-edge research on psilocybin has influenced a paradigm shift around the perceptions of psychedelic mushrooms. New dosing regimens have also opened new therapeutic possibilities. Clinicians across the globe are opening to the impacts that microdosing may have in the realm of neurological health, creativity, mood, pain, addiction recovery, and more. In this exploratory lecture, we will discuss how sub-intoxicating doses of psilocybin, combined with other allies, can influence neurite outgrowth, nerve regeneration, and re-myelination of nerves. We will take a deep dive into the science and clinical applications behind the Stamets Stack, as well as discuss the neurogenic synergy that occurs when psylocibin is combined with Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) and niacin.

Legendary Lion’s Mane: An Update on Possible Clinical Applications | Gina L. Rivers

Explore new scientific discoveries, clinical trials, clinical reports, and testimonials about the Legendary Lion’s Mane! This delicious choice edible mushroom has been treasured by many cultures around the world, and is known by many names. In this lecture we will discuss how important this phenomenal fungi may be to our neurological system, as well as other body systems. Also reviewed are some of the latest scientific studies that help to uncover the potential of Hericium erinaceus – both the fruiting body and the mycelium. We will recount some clinical reports and first-hand testimonials on how Lion’s Mane may positively impact specific imbalances, as well as how often and how much to consume for beneficial results. This would be a great lecture for the myco-curious, the mycophagist, as well as the clinical or community herbalist that wants to incorporate this beautiful mushroom in their herbal protocols for cognitive, neurological, and gut health.

Edible Amanitas! Exploring the Culinary Potential of the Tastiest, but also Deadliest Family of Fungi | Jess Starwood

Learn to identify key species of Amanita that are deadly and those that are edible and ideas on how to prepare them in a variety of ways. We will also have a discussion on ways to prepare Amanita muscaria for food and medicine. 

The Wonderful World of Fungi: a Mycophile "Inoculation" | Ingrid Daudert

In our 1 ½ hours together we will explore the fascinating and diverse world of fungi, acknowledging their vital role in maintaining life on this planet.  How can we interact with them in ways that will help us forge a bond with this ancient yet hardly understood world living all around us?  • Introduction to the world of fungi ecology • A brief primer on mushrooms for food and health • An overview of mushroom propagation • Some basics of mushroom foraging This class is a primer that will “inoculate” you for the in depth classes offered this weekend.

Diversify your Garden with Mushroom Cultivation | Ingrid Daudert

Have you thought about what else you might be able to grow if you have a garden that is too shady for tomatoes? What about an area you would like to enhance with mycelium to get healthier crops of vegetables while also growing and harvesting mushrooms. Come learn techniques to add diversity to your gardens and improve your soil health by adding funga to your landscapes.

Rhythms of Nature | Laura Adrian

In this yoga class, you’ll be guided through poses and movements that invite you to honor the rhythms of life and nature. We’ll begin with gentle movements, and graduate into longer held poses. In addition, you’ll learn a straight forward yogic chant that deepens your connection to wisdom and compassion through change and transition. This class is designed to calm the nervous system and open intuition. 

Opening to Gratitude, Awe, and Mystery | Laura Adrian

In this workshop, you’ll be guided through a tea meditation with a local mushroom such as reishi. We will slow way down, and with intention, using the senses, we'll be guided to notice subtleties and nuances that you may have overlooked. We’ll then move into an exploration of gratitude for the natural world and anything else for a meditative and uplifting experience.

Tempeh and Miso Making/Sampling: Hands on Fun! | Linda Conroy

Join herbalist, mycophile and fermentation expert Linda Conroy for this fun and inspiring session. We will learn about the fungi that are used in the fermentation process that results in miso and tempeh. Once we learn about these, there will be a participatory hands on experience and preparing these for fermentation. Instructions on how to incubate each of these will be covered. We will end with a sample and instruction on how to incorporate these two foods into your diet. 

Mushrooms for Digestive Health | Linda Conroy

We have long known that beneficial bacteria promote gut and overall immune health. Mounting evidence is now suggesting that fungi also play a crucial role. Collectively termed the mycobiome, gut fungi communities of molds and yeasts are crucial to maintaining gut health and overall immunity. Evidence also suggests other domains of life, such as viruses, also influences metabolism. In this workshop, we will take a deep dive into the microorganisms that we coexist with. We will discuss approaches to enhancing gut and immune health, dealing with health issues related to the mycobiome, and strategies for enlisting or encouraging our funga allies in the interest of overall health.

MycoRestoration Overview | Loni Jean Ronnebaum

We can utilize mushroom’s mycelial powers to decompose or accumulate toxic wastes and pollutants (mycoremediation), catch and reduce pathogens in agricultural and urban watersheds (mycofiltration), control insect populations (mycopesticides), and generally enhance the health of our forests, gardens and local ecosystems (mycoforestry). We will discuss each of these four exciting branches of what Paul Stamets coined “Mycorestoration” in his 2005 book Mycelium Running. We will also cover the cultivation of key species like Oysters and Wine Caps and other new applications for mushroom mycelium to help people and the planet.

Diving Into the Scientific Literature to Answer Your Mycological Questions, from Ecology to Medicine, Species identification to Fungal Evolution | Mariah Rogers

I have heard about turkey tail -- Trametes verisicolor -- being good medicinally. How does it work in our bodies?" "I'm curious about which fungi associate with prairie plants in eastern North America. How can I find out what is already known to make a list of species?" "I knew all about Trichaptum biforme... but now I see there is a species in our area that looks the same! ...Trichaptum subchartaceum. Where can I find out what distinguishes the two? And why are they separate species?" "When did the species we call "truffles" first emerge? How are they related to each other? What do we know about their evolution alongside mammals? "Ever had a question about fungi like this and felt you couldn't possibly approach it yourself? You absolutely can. This presentation and workshop will cover how to seek out academic literature on mycological topics, how to evaluate these different sources of information, and reading with an intent to answer your own questions on fungi. You do not need any background in science to attend. Our goal together will be that we all come away more confident independently researching mycological questions, assessing the evidence, and communicating it to others.

Shroom Womb Painting | Molly Moody

In this class we will learn how to paint mushrooms and unleash our creative potential through our womb space. Starting with a guided meditation that will help inspire you to birth your own watercolor mushroom womb piece, this class will observe elements of mushrooms from a different perspective. Molly will discuss her personal process of painting mushrooms and their interrelation of our own creative life force.

Preserving your Mushroom Harvests – Techniques and Demonstration  | Peggy Green

You’ve just returned from the woods and are faced with the daunting task of dealing with all those mushrooms you’ve found.  What to do, what to do?  In this workshop, we’ll demonstrate various methods of preserving your harvest:  drying, freezing, pickling, and canning. We’ll walk you through a couple of mushroom jerky and pickled mushroom recipes, as well as provide some samples to taste along the way.  

Web Repair & The Rise of the Super Weaver | Robin Gunkel

The Indigenous Futures Collective has written about the rise of the super weaver as a community organizer who spins threads of relationships to work in support of community. This super weaver also performs a key aspect of ecological repair work by helping to reweave the silken strands of reciprocal networks. For settlers or immigrants, this relationship repair work might look like becoming “naturalized to place” as described by Robin Wall Kimmerer. This workshop will explore web repair as a key component to ecological repair work and decolonization. The spider is our guide and an example of how when a web is broken the spider does not patch or repair the web but rather begins reweaving with the silken threads of connection that are already present. In this workshop we will examine decolonization and ecological & relationship repair work as integral aspects of a larger reciprocal restoration.

The Voice of Beatrix Potter | Rose Tursi and Tess Kenney

Beatrix Potter is famous for her Peter Rabbit stories and illustrations, but did you know she was a Mycologist first? Her contributions to science were never acknowledged during her lifetime because she was a woman.  This session is a round table discussion reflecting on how Beatrix Potter's life echos modern day challenges for women in science. A short presentation will be followed by a deep dive into Potter's life, using specific writings from her journals and her publications. 

The Women's Wheel of the Year | Ruth Barrett

The Wheel of the Year refers to the Solstices, Equinoxes, and cross-quarter days that traditionally mark the seasonal holy days. This workshop is an introduction to the interconnectedness between the earth and agricultural cycle, the mythic cycle of the goddess, and the female life cycle.

Saving and Sharing Seeds | Kari Witthuhn

Preserving our heirloom garden seeds & indigenous wild seeds is the cornerstone of any localized food movement. In our time together we'll explore ways to building a sustainable seed community. Topics to be touched on include :: basic seed saving info, seed libraries, hosting seed swaps, useful tools & best practices for harvesting/storing seed.

Chants for Female Rites of Passage | Ruth Barrett

This singing workshop focuses on chants for the female life cycle that can be included in a variety of women’s rituals. From birth to death, including the uterine blood mysteries of menses and menopause, this workshop celebrates the power of the female body.

Find YOUR Voice: Voice and Speech for Singing, Presenting, and Everyday | Stephanie Wiedenhoeft

The Voice is the oldest and most complex instrument to have existed. No two voices are alike. Let’s learn to treasure and nurture our unique voice! Now, more than ever, we need to confidently speak and sing our truths. This introductory class will teach basic exercises that help warm up the body, strengthen the breath, exercise the voice, develop the ear, match pitch, develop tone quality, and shape and define your vowels and consonants.


A Walk in the Woods to See the Invisible | Anne Pringle, PhD

Come walk with Dr. Anne Pringle to learn about what we don’t see when we wander our Earth… under the ground, hidden in trees, fungi grow and shape our ecosystems, but your eyes won’t reveal them to you. Dr. Pringle will focus on telling stories about the natural history of species, moving beyond “what is it?” to talk about “WHY is it”…

Tree Identification for Mushroom Foraging | Anna DeMers

This Tree Identification hike will enhance your knowledge of the connections between the trees and the mushrooms. While on the hike, we will talk about different features to look for when identifying trees. We will get up close to different trees to see their bark, branching patterns, fruits, and more. Connecting the mushrooms with the trees in the field, you will come away knowing what you may find in the wood wide web!

Lori Jean Ronnebaum | Great Googly! Foray

Attention Fellow fungals! Be a part of the first ever #googlyeyefungi2023 UV Night Hunt. Part game, part discovery, pure fung! Drop by the Marketplace anytime before Saturday at dusk to pick up supplies and further instructions from Ronnebaumanita. How it works? I will distribute glow in the dark googly eyes to participants for placing on our fruiting friends around the festival grounds. You must give the official mushroom handshake and promise to do the following…for science! 1.) Take a picture of your #googlyeyefungi2023 and share on social media for tracking 2.) Return Sunday to make sure that no googly eyes are left behind. If you decide to join one of the four teams for our UV night hunt Saturday, please bring a camera/phone, UV lights (the more the merrier otherwise we will share), basket and essentials for the elements. We will collect glowing specimens for the ID Table and potentially document new information about species later via! But of course, there will be prizes! Awards will be given Sunday for highest team count of glowing googly eyes collected, the top five most liked posts on Social Media and for anyone that actually finds and brings in a glowing mushroom for ID. Please be sure to use #googlyeyefungi2023 when sharing so we can all look back at our great discoveries together at Mycelium Mysteries. May the spores be with you! 

Community Science Foray! Finding fungi and documenting observations for iNaturalist and Mushroom Observer together | Mariah Rogers

On this foray, we will look for fungi together, photograph them, and then regroup back indoors (or back wherever electricity and wifi may be found) and focus on uploading our finds as observations on iNaturalist and Mushroom Observer. Then we will explore the two sites (with more emphasis on iNaturalist) together. I will show women how to navigate iNaturalist by showing "step by step" how-tos in a slide show format, with a link available to a PDF hand out documenting those methods so people can "take it home" as reference.

Talking Tree Walk | Pat Armstrong

“The Ancient Oak to the Druids spoke, but any Tree can talk to me.” Bigger than a whale, Older than methuselah, Trees join Earth to Sky and hold millennia of wisdom. Your conversation with Trees becomes more intimate and personal when you honor them by knowing their names.

Looking For Lichens | Pat Armstrong

“Algae met some fungi. They all went a-hikin’. The fungi were hungri. The result was a lichen.” The Tea Phytologist, 1943 Two plants living as one; is it mutualism or controlled parasitism? Let’s see how many different kinds of lichens we can find at Camp Helen Brachman. You might want to bring along a magnifying glass or a 10 power hand lens if you have one.

Fungi Art Foray | Rebecca Chandler & Molly Moody

In this foray, we will walk around the woods, chatting about the artistic process of collecting visual information needed to draw mushrooms, while also learning to identify the fungi encountered! This foray will consist of essential mushroom identification information, as led by Rebecca as well as a first-person view from Molly on how you might collect information to later use for creating morphologically-accurate drawings and paintings. Bring a sketch pad and something to draw with.

How to Identify Mushrooms: A Deep Dive | Rebecca Chandler

This class is designed for funga enthusiasts who want to delve deeper into their mushroom identification skills and further their mycological journey! We will go beyond the basics so that you can walk away with the tools to confidently identify new mushrooms you discover. We will discuss morphology, microscopy, using dichotomous keys, making spore prints, chemical reagents, and much more! Using all of our senses, we will explore the wide world of fungi together.

Mushroom Walk-About: Exploring the Mushrooms Under our Feet | Peggy Green

Let's take a walk through the woods and see what we can find! Most mushrooms aren't the choice edibles, but that doesn't mean they aren't interesting or beautiful! You'll learn the basic skills for collecting mushrooms and how to identify them. Bring your basket, mushroom knife and collection bags. We'll take samples of the various mushrooms we find, bring them back to camp and identify them using established publications.

Exploring Fungi Through Symbiosis | Laura Adrian

Fungi are the great connectors of the forest. They often form relationships with other organisms that are beneficial to both. The Wood Wide Web is a great example of how fungi pair with tree roots to form an incredible network that provides benefit to both the fungi and trees involved. In this workshop, we’ll explore symbiosis in the forest and in our own lives as well.

Free Time Activities

Mushroom Drink Bar | Linda Conroy

Visit the mushroom beverage bar for samples of homemade beverages that feature some of our favorite mushroom allies. Samples of hot as well as cold beverages will be served. Bring a friend or meet new ones while you enjoy drinking mushrooms in this community mycelial space.

“Yes, and…”: Theater Games Teach Kindness and Build Community | Stephanie Wiedenhoeft

Theater Games used in Improvisational Theater build relationships, remind us how to listen, and respond with kindness. Play is a beautiful tool for building community. This will be a safe space to play, explore, step out of your comfort zone, and laugh. We will familiarize ourselves with the rules and create an Improvisational Performance. Later, we will take to the stage in Artemisia’s Lodge to do an Improvisational Performance for the entire camp! Please come at the beginning and plan on staying for the entire session.

Friendship Bracelet Making | Alexandra Kois

Throwback to summer camp memories in this nostalgic, hands-on bracelet making workshop! You will learn the basics of micro-macrame, and create your own friendship bracelet using a simple beginner-friendly pattern and colorful 100% cotton threads. We will chat about fiber arts, mushrooms, and herbs as we weave this little thread of community together. All materials will be provided for you to complete a bracelet, with extra string and patterns available for you to take home.

Mycelial Archery | Rebecca Chandler

Find your mycelia in the grounding act of archery! This class will be geared towards learning to shoot the bow with accuracy and confidence along with helpful visualizations. This meditative practice can help your mushroom observation skills in surprising ways. All equipment will be provided. Participants will be guided to become more confident in their archery skills and to have an understanding of archery as mediation.

Myco and Botanical Stencil and Printmaking | Rose Tursi & Tess Kenney

Join us during open time for "make-and-take" activities.  Bring fabric or garments that you would like to print on and upcycle.  There will be opportunities to make cabachon jewerly; pendants and brooches using the illustrations of Beatrix Potter. Did you ever paint a watercolor using mushroom derived pigments??  Well here's your chance. Come flex your creative muscles amid Mycelium Mysteries. 

Shiitake Log Inoculation | Ingrid Daudert

Shiitake Log cultivation is an ancient Japanese mushroom farming technique several thousand years old. This technique uses 4-8 inch diameter oak logs that are drilled and injected with sawdust spawn into the holes which are then covered by wax. Once the mycelium is in the log it becomes a living thing and must be nurtured for a year before it is ready to fruit. Once a log starts fruiting these logs will produce amazing shiitake mushrooms for years. You can come and learn the process or if you want to take home your own log we will have logs and shiitake spawn available to take home. (35 dollars per log)

HoopYogini™ with Eclectic Kate | Kate Frautschy

Experience the hula hoop like never before! This standing posture flow helps tone the core, strengthen the spine, and alleviate physical and mental tension. PLUS it’s FUN! Join Kate to learn the basics of how to utilize the hoop as a tool for movement and mental clarity. Step inside the center of your own personal universe and take home a new movement practice that hits all the marks! No waist hooping required; no experience necessary!

Morning Activities

Connecting to the Energetic Spirit of Mycelium | Mary Newstrom

Shamanic Teacher, Mary Newstrom will lead you on a shamanic journey to connect with the healing energetic spirit of mycelium. This is a workshop that will open you up to new dimensions and a deeper understanding of how mycelium can heal on a spiritual level.

Morning Yoga | Marci Zink

In this traditional yoga class, basic postures are practiced giving attention to the breath while building strength, flexibility, focus and relaxation. Movements are done slowly and with awareness and variations are offered to accommodate all students. Please bring your yoga mat and any props you like to use such as blocks, blankets, or straps.

Grounding: Mother Earth is Ready to Offer Gifts of Healing | Stephanie Wiedenhoeft

We know Nature can heal and regenerate herself. We often forget that WE ARE NATURE, and we can heal and regenerate ourselves, too! Through storytelling, I will share how my experiences with Grounding and asking for help have revealed to me an intuitive, generous, and aware Mother Earth. I will then lead a guided and experiential meditation to teach Grounding, and open you to the reciprocity of Plant Helpers. Bring a blanket, towel, or yoga mat (a blanket or towel is best, plastic yoga mats are not ideal as they hinder grounding). NOTE: Must arrive on time and stay whole session.  


Registration for  Mycelium Mysteries is NOW OPEN!
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