6th Annual Mycelium Mysteries
A Women's Mushroom Conference
September 23, 24, & 25, 2022 | Almond, Wisconsin
Celebrating Flora, Fauna, and Funga

Let's learn from the Earth and each other! Here you'll find some of the diverse & dynamic workshops and forays that will be offered at Mycelium Mysteries 2022.

More workshops will be announced every week! For updates, keep an eye on this page or subscribe to our newsletter here. A full schedule will be released before the Conference. 

Shamanic Journey to the Mushrooms | Sue Van Hook

Bring a towel or blanket to lie on the lawn for a drum journey to visit the mycelia in the lower world. Ask your question for guidance, ask the fungi for help, be open to messages the fungi may wish to share with you. 

Flowing with Nature: Creating Space for Relaxation and Rejuvenation | Laura Adrian

In this workshop, participants will be guided through practices that cultivate a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation through a direct connection to the natural world.  These are very simple, easy to learn, and fun practices that participants will be able to take home with them and integrate into their self-care toolbox.

The Sensual Mushroom | Gina Patton

Come delve into the world of fungi with all your senses. In this hands-on workshop we will get to know the mushroom beings of the natural world through scent, sight, touch, sound, and beyond to the memories, intuition, empathy, and the wonder they evoke in us as women and humans. If you desire to know fungi on a more intimate level, this workshop is for you.

Foray through the Pine Forest | Sue Van Hook

Open your senses to fungi and experience their colors, odors, textures and ecology as we stroll through the pine plantation and roadsides.  Bring a handlens.

The State of State Mushrooms (with a Make-and-Take Treasure!) | Rose Tursi

Participants will talk about the states that hold a special connection with them, and what species of mushrooms best represent those places. We will then learn how to make flat back glass cabochon jewelry pieces using State Mushrooms as the theme. Woman can create their own tiny art to fit under the glass, or use pre-printed photos and art provided by the instructor. Everyone makes a lapel pin or pendant to take home with them.  

Paint Mushrooms! | Rose Tursi

Paint watercolor mushrooms using pigments made from mushrooms and other natural compounds. We will briefly go over the process of how watercolor paints are made, how one can make paint from certain species of color-giving mushrooms, lichens, plants, and minerals. We will learn about species of mushrooms that can even be used as a substitute for gum arabic (the traditional binder for watercolor paints.) We will then use pre-made paints to make beautiful art.

Finding the Mother Tree: Changing Our Future with Women in STEM | Suzanne Simard

Suzanne Simard is changing how people view trees and our connections to one another. In this illuminating and accessible talk, Simard helps audiences understand just how vital trees are—to each other and to humans. Based on her incredible book and her research at The Mother Tree Project, Simard shares her deeply personal journey of discovering the interconnectedness and collaborative qualities of trees. She explains how trees behave with intelligence and civility, and how these behaviors can teach us how to protect and heal our natural world from climate change. Simard encourages other women and girls to follow in her footsteps to learn about the beauty and complexity of nature, and to understand our crucial role in finding natural solutions to our environmental crises.

Mushroom, Mind, and Meditation | Laura Adrian

Mushrooms are powerful transformers.  In this class we'll explore the transformation element of the fungi kingdom through a guided body-based meditation. 

Gilled Mushroom Identification Workshop | Sue Van Hook

Learn to identify the stature types for gilled macrofungi using a simple framework based on gill attachment and spore color.  We will learn the framework and practice keying agarics using this knowledge.  Bring a handlens if you have one. 

The Power of Connection through Mycelium Wisdom | Laura Adrian

Mycelia are great connectors in the web of life. As a group we'll tap into the power of mycelia and cultivate a deeper sense of connection to the earth, all lifeforms, and yourself through this guided, heart-centered awareness meditation.  

No More Little Red Riding Hood: Wild Women, the Woods, and Wild Mushrooms | Barbara Ching

Keynote Description Coming Soon!

Spores Galore! | Gina Patton

Did you know that the spores of a single fungi can number in the trillions? Spores are everywhere. On the ground. In the air. In our bodies as we breathe them in, but they are so tiny we humans barely notice them or their magical qualities. Spores are more than reproduction for fungi. Come join this hands-on workshop and learn to make beautiful, easy spore-prints for identification, cultivation, and artistic expression. 

Fun Fungi Latin | Gina Patton

Do you find scientific Latin dull and confusing? I did too, until I started digging into the meanings behind the scientific names. Did you know there is a mushroom named Wolf Farts in Latin? What about Big Bald Skull? Come join my workshop on fun, memorable, fungi Latin and walk away with the tools to learn even more scientific names to impress your friends and mystify your family.


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