5th Anniversary
Mycelium Mysteries: A Women's Mushroom Conference
"Remembering Our Connections"
September 24, 25, & 26, 2021 •  Dodgeville, Wisconsin
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Conference Workshops and Descriptions

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Medicinal Mushrooms in Clinical Practice | Cornelia Cho

Medicinal Mushrooms in Clinical Practice - Medicinal Mushrooms are our healing allies, producing complex molecules often compatible with human physiology. Lion’s Mane Hericium mushroom produces nerve growth compounds able to cross the blood-brain barrier and stimulate nerve cell growth. Another mushroom is now curing chemical addictions, helping treatment-resistant depression and more. We will discuss clinical research, case studies, precautions and DIY cutting-edge mushroom methodologies.

Keynote: Keepers of the Lore | Elinoar Shavit

In most indigenous societies around the world, like the Khoisan of the Kalahari basin, the Arrente of Australian Simpson desert, or the Bedouins of the Middle East, women have traditionally been the foragers and the men – hunters. Charged with their people’s accumulated traditional knowledge of foraging for fungi and plants and passing the knowledge on to the next generation, women enjoyed a valued position within their family and society. I will discuss the consequences of the dwindling biodiversity, natural resources, and loss of traditional knowledge on the indigenous communities who rely on them, and present some of the efforts made by agencies, international funding, and countries to preserve them.

Advanced Wild Edible Mushrooms | Sarah Foltz Jordan

This workshop will help intermediate and advanced mushroomers expand their understanding of the edible mushrooms and their look-alikes, with a focus on gilled species. Edibility guidelines and cautions will be provided for dozens of gilled mushrooms, including the most common, delicious, and readily-identifiable species in the Midwest. Examples include the honey mushroom, blewit, milky mushrooms, fairy ring, Lepiotas, winter mushroom, and gypsy. We will start with the easiest, advancing to the more challenging groups and species.

Keynote: Seeing Mushrooms | Sarah Foltz Jordan

Fungi are among the most fascinating and essential organisms on earth, driving ecosystem diversity, complexity, and evolution. An entomologist by profession and a mushroom forager at heart, Sarah will take us on a captivating photo-journey of the macrofungi in our region, with an eye towards both insect-fungal and human-fungal interactions. Not unlike a walk in the woods, we will find ourselves hovering here and there, lingering over this and that, discussing various aspects of fungal diversity, ecology, identification, culinary aspects, phylogeny, conservation, stewardship, and the nourishment mushrooms provide to a surprising array of wildlife, including, but not limited to, ourselves. Sarah has a gift of opening your mind, heart and soul, leaving your everyday world. Connecting you to the forest and seeing with mushrooming eyes.

Womb Song Weaving | Shri Steep

In this interactive and dynamic circle, we will come together in sacred space and explore the current of songwriting through the metaphor of the mycelium. A guided meditation will drop us into the presence of this interconnective network, and from there lead us deep into our own wombs, the place from which our soul songs can usher forth. All participants will be led through a songwriting practice, and there will be a space for sharing the medicine songs if desired for recognition and community upliftment.

Mushroom Wisdom Meditation | Laura Adrian

Join Laura for a meditation experience connecting us to the wisdom of mushrooms. On this journey we'll explore composting, death, and life through a guided meditation which will lead you on a path towards deep connection to the transformative properties of mushrooms.

Build Your Own Tiny Mushroom Terrarium | Rose Tursi

The workshop will start out with a brief overview on how to dehydrate organic materials for preservation in a sealed glass terrarium, and how to treat moss and lichen with alcohol based pigments to preserve color. Each participant will then create her very own mini mushroom terrarium from prepared materials.

Create Your Own Tiny Terrarium Mushroom Pendant | Rose Tursi

The workshop will start out with a brief overview on how to dehydrate organic materials for preservation in a sealed glass terrarium, and how to treat moss and lichen with alcohol based pigments to preserve color. Each participant will then create her very own mushroom pendant from prepared materials

Beyond the Basics Mushroom Foray | Rose Tursi

If you're already familiar with all the common species collected for food and medicine, but you've always wondered about some of the other obscure fungi; you might enjoy this foray. We will seek out and identify some of the often overlooked species that are not usually collected. We will discuss tree & plant associations, taxonomic names, fungal roles in the ecosystem, and more.

Make a Book For Your Mushroom Adventures | Beth Norris

When you are crawling on your belly in the woods and you joyfully find the mushroom of your dreams…. poke a feather in a berry and express the magic of the moment in the handmade book you made in this workshop! Make a blank book using an eco-upcycle approach that focuses mostly on utility with a little bit of adornment. All supplies and materials provided.

Elements of the Sea: Seaweeds and Women’s Relationship to Water | Sonya Sarankan

Phycology, or the study of seaweeds, is an entry point into the complex foodwebs of the ocean. These foundational organisms are critical food and shelter to countless species and have been a source of food and medicine for humans for millennia. We'll learn some basic marine botany and dive into the myriad healing and nutritional properties of seaweeds. We will also explore how they have entranced people with their mystical role in the underwater world.

Hip-Hip-Foray! | Rebecca Chandler

This mushroom walk will showcase a wide diversity of mushrooms as we walk through the woods on an educational journey. We will learn to positively identify mushrooms using dichotomous keys and observable characteristics. We will also discuss how to make spore prints and a mushroom journal to further your understanding of mushroom identification. All levels welcome to join!

Mushroom Microcosmos: The Tiny World of Fungi | Rebecca Chandler

Delve into the vast microcosmos of mushrooms! We will discuss microscopic features of mushrooms along with laboratory techniques. This class is beginner-friendly and will present you with all of the know-how to begin viewing mushrooms under a microscope! Students will get the opportunity to work with a microscope to build their skills!

Macrofungi Morphology | Gabriela D’Elia

Do you want to feel more confident and literate with the language of the fungi? During this workshop we will talk about macrofungi (mushrooms) and their voluptuous bodies! What is the difference between a partial and universal veil? Does this mushroom have any staining, bruising, or latex? Are the gills adnate? Come handle some mushrooms, learn how to take better mushroom pictures, and how to make better mushroom observations.

MycoAstrology | Gabriela D’Elia

Astrologers are familiar with the ties between astrology and herbs, but what about those between astrology and fungi? This workshop explores how fungi can be applied to the ancient and medicinal language of tropical astrology: fungi, zodiac signs, and planets. What happens when we remember fungi as an archetype? In this realm of MycoAstrology, we listen to what fruiting body speaks to your very own fruiting body.

The Problem of Invasive Mycorrhizal Fungi | Anne Pringle

The problem of invasive, mutualist fungi is hardly discussed but invasive ectomycorrhizal species are characterized by a rich natural history of host shifts, changes in phenology and abundance, and mating system transitions. This workshop will focus on the potential impacts of invasive ectomycorrhizal fungi. In particular, we’ll question whether it is possible for scientists to collect “baseline” data documenting fungal biodiversity.

A Muse, Mentor and Guide: Amanita Muscaria | Dolly Hodgesmith

The amanita muscaria has been described as cosmopolitan - found in Central America, North America, Europe, even in the Mediterranean and Hindu it any wonder that this mushroom has been woven into so much myth? In this workshop we'll explore the Fly Agaric, or amanita muscaria, and it's iconic presence in humanity's experience of magic and ritual, as well as personal shamanic research with the medicine of this mushroom.

Lichen Mysteries, Explained | Pat Armstrong

Lichens are two plants living as one: are they a mutualistic symbiosis or a controlled parasitism? There are many conflicting theories about lichens. They are both old and young, long-lived yet extremely sensitive to air pollution. Come and appreciate how beautiful and interesting these awesome little plants are.

Talking Tree Walk | Pat Armstrong

A walk to identify different trees bigger than a whale, older than Methuselah. Trees join Earth to Sky & hold millennia of wisdom. Your conversation with trees becomes more intimate & personal when you honor them by knowing their names.

Slow Flow Yoga for Every Body | Mary Bue

Join Mary Bue for 45 minutes of slow, luxurious movement to energize, invite focus & concentration, and prepare the body for a day of learning. We will link breath and movement in a gentle-to-moderate flowing sequence with time for longer stretches. We will weave the wisdom of our plant allies into each session. Gentle modifications will also be offered, and you'll be serenaded by Mary's music during the final resting posture. All bodies are welcome, and especially beginners!

Hands-On Reishi Extraction Workshop | Gina Rivers Contla

Bottle the Mushroom of Immortality!! If you have ever wanted to learn how to craft your own extractions, this workshop is for you! In addition to making your own bottle of Imperial Tonic, we will also explore modern scientific inquiry that validates this majestic mushroom’s traditional use, and discuss ways that Reishi can be incorporated into your herbal tradition. Come discover the many ways Reishi can nurture your body and sooth your soul!

Mushrooms and Herbs for Women’s Health | Gina Rivers Contla

As women, our hormonal tides ebb and flow throughout our lifetimes, and change is a guaranteed constant as we navigate a healthy and whole existence at any age. Discover how select medicinal mushrooms and herbal allies can help to holistically balance challenged hormonal tides, nurture our bone structure, calm our “fight or flight” response, and boost our brain and neurological systems!

The Wonderful World of Fungi; a Mycophile "Inoculation" | Ingrid Daudert

In our 1½ hours together we will explore the fascinating and diverse world of fungi and how we can interact with them in ways that will help you forge a bond with this ancient yet hardly understood world living all around us and without their existence there would be no life on this planet. • Introduction to the world of fungi ecology • A brief primer on mushrooms for food and health • An overview of mushroom propagation • Some basics of mushroom foraging. This class is a primer that will “inoculate” you for the in depth classes offered this weekend.

The art of Shiitake Mushroom Log Cultivation | Ingrid Daudert

Shiitake Log cultivation is an ancient Japanese mushroom farming technique several thousand years old. This technique uses 4-8 inch diameter oak logs that are drilled and injected with sawdust spawn into the holes which are then covered by wax. Once the mycelium is in the log it becomes a living thing and must be nurtured for a year before it is ready to fruit. Once a log starts fruiting these logs will produce amazing shiitake mushrooms for years.

The Future is Funga! (And Female) | Mushroom Women Panel

Join us for a panel discussion facilitated by Dr. Cornelia Cho, where mushroom experts Guiliana Furci, Elinoar Shavit and others will discuss the fate of our planet, the role of mushrooms in the future and the roles of women in forging the future.

Ubuntu “I am because WE are” Community Grief Ceremony | Lucretia VanDyke

Grief is a multi layer process and the Grief Ritual is a time for community, holding space, and release. Join me in sacred space as we journey through our bodies using plant spirit meditation, the power of the elements, and breath work to move the grief while nourishing ourselves in those spaces. To honor the work and the ways of my dear teacher Sobonfu Some’ we will co-create three altars, so bring or collect nature articles to adorn. The third altar is for those needing space for deeper release, and we will ask for volunteers for holding space (Reiki or energy work practitioners preferred). Bring water, a yoga mat, and/or pillows if you wish to be extra comfortable throughout the journey.

An Ethnomycological Walk Around the Mushroom Table | Elinoar Shavit

Join Elinoar for a walk around the conference’s mushroom table (which will be stocked by the Thursday foray) to highlight some of the culinary and medicinal mushrooms displayed, their history of use, and how to prepare them.

Reclaiming Connections and Disarming Your Inner Bully | Cornelia Cho

There is an under-explored motherlode of information in our early childhood, connected to the places where we were hurtful to others. Because few of us get understanding or assistance, these places fester, informing and continuing to shape our thinking about how to be effective in the world, how to connect and disconnect, and how we decide to treat ourselves. The good news is that we don't have to continue to be held hostage by our past. We are primed and ready to heal, when the conditions are right. Using the listening partnership platform together with compassion, humor and engaging subversiveness, Cornelia will lead us through identifying, releasing and reconfiguring these places where our thinking, our creativity and our lives have been trapped.

Pre-Conference Workshops

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