Pre-Conference Workshops

5th Annual 
Mycelium Mysteries | A Women's Mushroom Conference
September 24, 25, & 26, 2021 | Dodgeville, Wisconsin
"Remembering Our Connections"
Ready for a deep dive into topics taught by knowledgeable teachers? Come for a pre-or post-conference workshop or add one or more pre-conference workshops on to your Mycelium Mysteries weekend experience!
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Looking for Main Conference Workshops? 
Forest Foray with Sarah Foltz Jordan
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Thursday, September 23 | 9am-5pm

This fully outdoor intensive will invite you to practice and expand your mushroom ID skills, while also taking the time to simply look more closely at mushrooms in their forest homes. As we wander through diverse deciduous forests of the driftless region, we will discuss the edibility and critical identification features of the mushrooms we encounter, along with some of the more subtle aspects of their morphology and biology, such as smells and tree associations.


Throughout the day, we will be working collectively to gather and identify the specimens for the mushroom display table at the conference. As with any mushroom adventure, we don’t know what we’ll find--- the only certainty is that there will be much to marvel at.  Bring your favorite mushroom ID books, basket, a notebook, camera, and drawing supplies if you’d like. Bagged lunches will be provided but please bring your own snacks and beverages for the day. 

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Mycology Through the Lens of Fiber Arts: Mushroom and Lichen Dye Immersion
with Alissa Allen of Mycopigments

Two Sessions Available! Choose from:

Session 1: Sept. 23 (9am-4pm) - Sept. 24 (9am-noon), 2021

Session 2: Sept. 26 (6pm-9pm) - Sept. 27 (9am-6pm), 2021 

In this two-day intensive, we’ll go through all aspects of making a full spectrum of dyes from wild mushrooms and lichens. We’ll start the day expanding our mushroom identification skills, as we take a stroll through the campus forest.  We’ll peer into the world of the fungal kingdom - exploring the hosting tree communities, the make-up of the forest floor, and the key characteristics of the fruiting bodies we encounter. Samples of our finds will be documented and added to the collective table for all to observe with any abundant dye species going to our dye pots.


We’ll spend the afternoon testing, extracting , and optimizing the natural dye makers of the region. Through hands-on experience, you will get a thorough grasp of how to work with mushroom and lichen dyes on wool and the effects of mordants and modifiers. At the end of day one, we’ll have a rainbow of mushroom-dyed samples, a recipe card detailing our process, a color guide to the best local dye species, and an instructional handout to continue explorations at home. We'll start fiber mordanting overnight for our future dye tests.


Day two is a half-day and will be dedicated to dyeing silk. We will use a couple of dye resist techniques to make simple but elegant designs on our fabric. Each person will have two scarves provided with additional scarves available for purchase. After class, you’ll have a tool kit for exploring mycology through the lens of the arts and will be equipped to start dye testing right away.

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Mushrooms for Health & Healing in Clinical Practice with Cornelia Cho

Friday, September 24 | 9am-12pm

Medicinal Mushrooms are our healing allies, producing complex molecules often compatible with human physiology. Lion’s Mane (Hericium) mushroom produces nerve growth compounds able to cross the blood-brain barrier and stimulate nerve cell growth.  Another mushroom is now curing chemical addictions, helping treatment-resistant depression and more. We will discuss clinical research, case studies, precautions and DIY cutting-edge mushroom methodologies.

Healing Rituals with Reishi, Plant Spirit Medicine, and Community with Lucretia VanDyke

Friday, September 24 | 9am-12pm

Join Lucretia on a discovery of the inner layers of body, mind, and spirit and how we can use the healing power of reishi mushroom and other plant allies to align ourselves with a more holistic approach to trauma, transformation, and grief. Grief is a multi-layer process of healing that requires more than an individualized approach. Together we will explore the stages of grief and the multitude of ways it can show up in our lives. From spiritual bathing to community grief rituals, journey around the world of ceremony, theories of what lies beyond, and indigenous cultures' connection to grief rituals and how to integrate these into your practise and healing arts protocols. 

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Mushrooms in the Kitchen and Apothecary: Hands On Workshop with Linda Conroy

Friday, September 24 | 9am-12pm

Join herbalist and mushroom enthusiast Linda Conroy for this fun, hands-on workshop. In this session, we will learn to prepare mushrooms for optimal health and for medicine. From culinary delights, infused vinegar, to beverages and extracts, everyone will go home with remedies and preparations we make in class, with instructions on how to incorporate them into everyday life. 

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