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5th Anniversary 

Mycelium Mysteries

September 24, 25, & 26, 2021 •  Dodgeville, Wisconsin

COVID-19 Statement

During these uncertain times, we plan to gather for support and learning. We also want to support everyone in attending as safely as possible. In order to contribute to everyone's comfort and safety, we will be limiting the number of women attending the event.


We plan to offer as many outdoor programs/activities as the weather will allow and it is our intention that class sizes remain small enough to allow for distancing. Following public health guidelines we will practice distancing as well as wearing masks indoors or when distancing is not an option.


We will also ask that everyone sign a statement upon arrival stating that you do not have cold or flu symptoms, that you are feeling well, and that you will contact the nurse on-site if you develop systems during the event. Please read the release that you will be asked to sign when you arrive at this link.