Kids Camp

12th Annual Midwest Women's Herbal Conference
"Germinating Regenerative Wisdom"
Featuring keynote speakers:
Robin Rose Bennett • Linda Black Elk • Rev. Judith Laxer
May 26-28, 2023 • Almond, WI
Kids Camp offers engaging activities for kids during Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference workshop sessions, giving parents & guardians the opportunity to fully enjoy the workshops they attend.

Kids are with their parent/guardian during meals, evening activities and other in-between times.

Every child (girls & boys) age 3 to 11 years old who is attending the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference must be enrolled in Kids Camp.

Childcare is available for an additional fee during Pre-conference Workshops, Friday morning.

Kids Camp

Children are an important part of our weekend village at the Midwest Women's Herbal Conference. Kids Camp, a place for forming and nurturing connections with plants and each other, is held during conference workshop sessions. Kids rotate between indoor herbal workshops, outdoor activities, and nature-themed discovery hikes.


The coordinators come from diverse backgrounds to create opportunities for learning through playful exploration of botanical knowledge through adventure games, songs, crafts and quiet time for reflection and journaling. Activities are appropriate for all ages and learning styles. Throughout the weekend, children will have the opportunity to feel a growing sense of empowerment and appreciation for plant wisdom.

Meet the Kids Camp Coordinators

Genevieve Needham
Genevieve Needham
Brittany Tripp
Brittany Tripp
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