In Our Own Hands:
Women’s Wellness Series 











We invite women from all over to participate in this celebration and engage a variety of wise women to explore women's wellness through a holistic lens.  


To learn more about this virtual series and the instructors see below.


When women take our health into our own hands, we have ourselves to rely on and can better persist in trying times. Join us for this engaging Women’s Wellness Series where we’ll learn how to discover our own voices, nourish ourselves, and partner with herbal medicine to heal ourselves and those around us. Give yourself the gift of knowledge and self-care this winter! Each four-hour session will include 45 minutes of yoga and will feature a beloved past conference presenter.

Feb 13: Ruth Barrett – Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries: Intuitive Ritual Creation

Feb 27: Linda Conroy – Stirring the Cauldron; Herbal Nourishment for Vitality

March 13: Cornelia Cho – Become Your Own Best Ally: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Life

March 27: Dominique Christina – Women's Writing Workshop: Calling Forth Your Inner Council of Wise, Brave, Crazy, Rebellious, Loving, Luminous Self

April 10: Mary Lou Singleton – Embodied Wisdom: A Wise Woman Approach to Health in a Phytophobic, Medicalized World

April 24: Mimi Hernandez – Emerging from the Cave: Stoking the Rising Fire

April 25: Women's Wellness Series Wrap-up Celebration (Everyone welcome!)

All classes include an invitation to the Women's Talking Stick Series Wrap-up on April 25; attendance is optional. Recordings are included in the price and will be sent following the conclusion of the series. The first 45 minutes of each class will include a yoga warm-up with Mary Bue, Twin Cities yoga instructor: "Slow Flow Yoga for Every Body."

We welcome all levels of herbalists and women who are interested in personal growth and empowerment. We encourage you to explore all workshops as this series takes a holistic approach to women's health. However, classes can be taken individually.

Sample itinerary:

12:00 - 12:45 pm: Yoga with Mary Bue

12:45 - 1:00 pm: Break

1:00 - 2:30 pm: First half of class

2:30 - 2:45 pm: Break

2:45 - 4:00 pm: Second half of class

About the Classes and Instructors:

 Slow Flow Yoga for Every Body

with Mary Bue

To help transition from your day into each workshop, Slow Flow Yoga for Every Body with Mary Bue will be offered an hour prior to each workshop at 1 pm for 45 minutes, with a 15-minute break before the workshop begins. Each session will offer mindful movement and a simple breathing technique or meditation. We will gently get the blood flowing, stretch, and refresh before settling in for the rest of the day's learning. All abilities, skill levels, and bodies are welcome!

Mary Bue is a performing songwriter, Nada yogi, retreat guide, and a music and yoga teacher based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and often traveling this beautiful world. Her music and teaching is heart-centered, spiritually leaning, down to earth, and at times a bit crass. In January, Mary pursued an additional 200 hours of certification in Nada Yoga - The Yoga of Sound in Rishikesh, India.


Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries: Intuitive Ritual Creation

with Ruth Barrrett

There are physical and psychological experiences and rites of passage common to all women’s lives, crossing the boundaries of age, class, culture, race, sexual orientation, and religion. While women have a great hunger for rituals to reflect the events in our lives, we often do not know how to begin. By learning how to design rituals to mark our life passages we can “connect the dots” to see patterns in what may have previously felt like a random series of events that have shaped our attitudes about life. Through Ruth’s unique guided process that draws personal intuitive information forward, participants will learn some invaluable tools for consciously making meaning by crafting their

Ruth Barrett has taught magical and ritual arts at women’s and pagan festivals and conferences across the United States, in Canada, and in Great Britain since 1980. Ruth is the author of Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries: Intuitive Ritual, and has contributed to many anthologies on goddess and female-centered spirituality.  She is also a pioneering musician/ordained priestess, whose numerous recordings beginning in 1980 are among the pioneering musical works in the pagan and Goddess Spirituality Movements with songs and chants that focus on the embodied power of women, goddess mythology, and magically themed traditional folk songs. Ruth is co-founder of Temple of Diana, Inc. 


Stirring the Cauldron; Herbal Nourishment for Vitality

with Linda Conroy


Stirring the cauldron is a tangible activity as well as a metaphor for keeping the inner fires of vitality alive and well. During this 3-hour workshop, we will take a deep dive into what it means to integrate herbal nourishment into our daily kitchen rituals. From making tea, infusions, decoctions as well as deeply nourishing condiments, broths, stocks, and ferments, this workshop will offer both the novice as well as the experienced herbalist/herbal enthusiast ideas for bringing herbs more fully into our homes, hearths, and cauldrons. 


Linda Conroy is a bioregional herbalist. She is inspired by the plants and the feminine. She is the founder of Moonwise Herbs, the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference, and Mycelium Mysteries. Linda has apprenticed with and studied with world-renowned herbalists and has herself offered workshops and apprenticeship programs for  over two decades. Her passion is herbal nourishment through community, wild food, and wild medicine.


Become Your Own Best Ally: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Life

with Cornelia Cho, MD


Learn how to use brain science and peer relationships to stop sabotaging yourself. Combining connection, safety, respectful listening and emotional release, Cornelia will guide us in accessing our built-in capacity to heal and transform. Working together, we'll re-wire pathways in our brains, clear trauma and challenge ideas that keep us as women from being powerfully in charge of our lives.


Cornelia Cho, M.D. is a practicing pediatrician, mushroom club president, Re-evaluation co-counseling leader, and life-long explorer of paths to healing, e.g. ancient traditions, microbiome integrity, DIY cutting-edge mushroom methodologies, sharing how cultural & historical messages & traumas can both inform our struggles and provide a conduit for healing and growth. 

Women's Writing Workshop:

Calling Forth Your Inner Council of Wise, Brave, Crazy, Rebellious, Loving, Luminous Self

with Dominique Christina

Women are composed of many different archetypal players of the psyche who contribute their voices to her greater self. This writing workshop will guide us to discover our council of inner women, delving into the secret wisdom of the Willing Woman, the Rebel, the Shapeshifter, the Warrior, and more. Combining writing exercises with fresh and dynamic insights, Dominique will help us make an intimate connection with each inner woman so we may integrate their voices, realize their wisdom, and open ourselves to our full expression and power.

Dominique Christina is an award-winning poet, author, educator, and activist. She holds five national poetry slam titles in four years, including the 2014 & 2012 Women of the World Slam Champion and 2011 National Poetry Slam Champion. Her work is greatly influenced by her family's legacy in the Civil Rights Movement and by the idea that words make worlds. She is the author of four books and four children. Her third book, This Is Woman's Work, published by SoundsTrue Publishing, is the radical exploration of 20 archetypal incarnations of womanness and the creative process. She is a writer/actor for the HBO series High Maintenance Season.


 Embodied Wisdom: A Wise Woman Approach to Health in a Phytophobic,

Medicalized World

with Mary Lou Singleton



From puberty to menopause, the medical industry and our culture at large pathologize the female body, but Wise Women know in our cells and souls that healthy living is our birthright. We feel the call of the plants and the elements singing out to us, telling us there is a better way to live than as walking managed disease states. If you are a woman desiring true health sovereignty, this class is for you. We will discuss the deep meanings of dis-ease and the messages our bodies are sending us when we feel unwell. We will meet many herbal allies who can help us move through the discomfort of the healing process and into states of embodied bliss. We will dispel the myths the authorities tell us about herbal medicine being dangerous and ineffective while we embrace the ancient mythic resonance of our old, old friends in the plant world. 



Mary Lou Singleton is a mother, grandmother, radical midwife, and lover of the green world. She practiced as a homebirth midwife for over over 25 years. Mary Lou now provides primary health care as a nurse practitioner to families seeking wise woman care.  Her independent clinic, Enchanted Family Medicine, offers community herbal classes, an extensive herbal apothecary, and a resource center for the women of Albuquerque to build collective sisterhood and support. 

Emerging from the Cave: Stoking the Rising Fire

with Mimi Hernandez

Mimi believes in the empowerment of plant wisdom and has dedicated her life to sharing herbal knowledge with others and advocating for traditional and professional herbal pathways while building cultural bridges of understanding. A frequent guest at herb schools and conferences, Mimi has mentored many herb students over the years. She is active in the nonprofit community as the current Director of the America Herbalist Guild and runs educational programming at Herbal Night School. She is a mom of two cool kids and resides in the Appalachian foothills.

Spring ushers in a time when Mother Earth takes a big tall stretch delving deep with penetrating roots and rising up with fresh green growth. The land sweetens its springtime roots to ground our core while tender green leaves nourish our expansive energy. The creative flow is palpable as we embody this emergence from winter in preparation for the summer ahead. We will learn about spring tonic remedies that help revitalize the liver, nourish the adrenals, and refresh the mind as we walk to the rhythm of the seasons to manifest wellness through the year ahead. 

Women's Wellness Series

Wrap-up Celebration

Join us in celebration as we wrap up the Winter Women's Series with community, reflection, and space to share your experiences. Instructors and participants will come together for a discussion panel as we close the container of this transformative series. Whether you attend one or all of the workshops, you won't want to miss this gathering! 

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