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5th Annual

Mycelium Mysteries

A Women's Mushroom Conference

Remembering Our Connections
September 24, 25, & 26, 2021 •  Bethel Horizons, Dodgeville, WI
Mushrooms: The Grandmothers of Our Ecosystems

This weekend-long women's mushroom conference will focus on understanding fungi as the Grandmothers of our ecosystems. Silently shaping the soil beneath our feet, fungi are key players in Earth's health and the trajectory of human culture around the globe. Still, we find ourselves in a time where the study of fungi is considered to be a neglected megascience, their mycelium, a mystery. It is our goal to help modern women connect with the roles and wisdom of our female ancestors who always maintained and shared their visceral understanding of the Fungal Queendom.

Workshops from beginner to advanced include topics in wild mushroom skills, fungal ecology, fungi and human health, and ethnomycology. This is a place to share knowledge and get comfortable with using our mycological skills in a supportive, fungal community!

Meet the amazing keynote and featured presenters at this year's Mycelium Mysteries conference.
Pre-Conference Events
Take a deep dive into topics like mushroom foraging and medicine making at a pre-conference workshop!
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4 Reasons You'll Love Mycelium Mysteries

Expore the wonderful world of mushrooms at this year's Mycelium Mysteries Women's Mushroom Conference! Here are 4 things you'll love about this one-of-a-kind gathering.

Registration is OPEN!
Work Exchange 
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