We invite women from all over to celebrate and explore women's wellness through a holistic lens.  


When women take our health into our own hands, we have ourselves to rely on and can better persist in trying times. Join us for this engaging  virtual Women’s Wellness Series where we’ll learn how to discover our own voices, nourish ourselves, and partner with herbal medicine to heal ourselves and those around us. Give yourself (or someone you love) the gift of knowledge and self-care this winter! All levels of experience are welcome.


We encourage you to explore all workshops as this series takes a holistic approach to women's health. However, classes can be taken individually. Each three-hour session will open with a few minutes of grounding meditation. Recordings are included in the registration price and will be sent following the conclusion of the series.


In Our Own Hands:
Virtual Women's Wellness Series

Workshop Lineup

Linda Conroy

JANUARY 8, 2022


What if Nourishment Works? with Linda Conroy

Did you know that the human body naturally regenerates itself? Did you know that the stomach (the heart of the immune system) protects itself by regenerating a new stomach lining every three to four days? These mechanisms are in harmony with the natural world and can bring us into right relationship with ourselves and the planet. Join herbalist Linda Conroy, MSS, MLSP as we learn about our body's incredible regenerative mechanisms and approaches to supporting them. Understanding the flow of the body gives us an opportunity to incorporate herbs, food and health practices that are nourishing, effective, fun and most importantly, regenerative for ourselves AND the earth.

Judith Laxer

JANUARY 22, 2022


The Power of Oracles

with Judith Laxer

Nature speaks to us in so many ways. As with all good communication, our relationship to nature is enhanced when we learn to read her signs. Working with an Oracle teaches us to read the signs of nature and helps to develop and trust our own intuition - one of our greatest gifts. In this class, we will explore different oracular tools for personal use, such as reading tea leaves, Tarot, bones, and working with a pendulum. Prepare a pot of tea using loose leaves, get out your favorite teacup and saucer, bring your cards, and any other oracular tool you may have, and join us for an afternoon of deep fun and profound messages. ​

Isla Burgess

FEBRUARY 5, 2022


Herbal and Nutritional Tonics for Life After Menopause with Isla Burgess

There is much we, as women, can do to assist in maintaining wellness as we age. This practical workshop covers the optimum preparations for several general tonics that can be simply added to a daily routine. What they do and how they work will also be covered. Plants covered will include dark coloured berries and hips, silica containing bidibid and oatstraw, hormonal support such as peony and pomegranate to name a few.

Robyn Klein

FEBRUARY 19, 2022


Phytosleuthing Phials

with Robyn Klein

Sharpen your plant identification at this workshop with Robyn Klein: Phytosleuthing Phials: Stories of adulteration, misunderstanding, mistakes, and how to solve them! The skill of keying out medicinal plants comes in handy when you wonder whether you have Schisandra chinensis or some other species. Here are stories from my garden: the Angelica that wasn’t, the wrong seedpod, a Salvia species that can’t be what it was sold as, and other stories of plant identification challenges. ​

Ellen Evert Hopman

MARCH 5, 2022


The Witching Herbs - Working with Baneful Plants for Healing, Magick, and Homeopathy with Ellen Evert Hopman

An introductory lecture on the history of Homeopathy. What is it? How was it developed? We'll look at common Homeopathic remedies, plants used in Homeopathic medicines, and "baneful" plants used in medicine and magick. You will walk away being able to make Homeopathic remedies at home from easily available plants, and have an idea of how to work with baneful plants in magic and healing. ​


MARCH 19, 2022


UBUNTU - I Am Because We Are: Holistic Approaches to Trauma, Transformation, and Grief with Lucretia VanDyke

Join me on a discovery of the inner layers of body, mind, and spirit and how we can use the healing power of plants to align ourselves with a more holistic approach to trauma, transformation, and grief. We will journey around the world of ceremony, theories of what lies beyond, spiritual connections to death, and different cultures' grief rituals, and how to integrate these into your practice and healing arts protocols. We will study about which plant medicines and formulations work best for the various issues that can arise around the grieving process.


APRIL 2, 2022


Compassionate Story Circle 

with Susun Weed

Please join Susun for a time to reflect and envision, to remember and imagine, in the safety of a women’s talking stick circle. Susun will share to the story of how she came to carry a talking stick, to be adopted into the Great Peaceful Nations, and to be told of the glory of the Council of Crones. We will sing a song or two together to open our hearts and ears - so we may listen deeply to each other’s voices - then pass the talking stick and sit in awe of the amazing lives of women.