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Virtual Marketplace 

May 7, 8, & 9, 2021 •  Virtual Conference
Welcome to the 2021 MWHC Virtual Marketplace!  
Here you will find information about our eclectic group of women-led vendors.
Check out our Marketplace Facebook event and our Instagram page for the latest updates
about vendor raffles and to watch our live-streamed  virtual marketplace. 

Marketplace Live Stream Schedule

Saturday              05/8/2021              12:30p - 1:30pm

12:30 - 1:00  MWH Vendors Live : Hills of Clay Pottery, Ellen Evert Hopman, True Nature Energy, Peaceful Parlour, Moonwise Herbs, Alaska Fresh, Fantastic Foraging

1:00 - 1:30  MWH Vendors Live : Old World Salve, Taproot Threads, Coyote Moon Herb Company, Well Rooted Teas, WLRN, Wise Woman Healing Ways, Heartstone Center

Sunday              05/9/2021              12:30p-1:30pm

12:30 - 1:00  MWH Vendors Live : Old World Salve, Taproot Threads, Coyote Moon Herb Company, Well Rooted Teas, WLRN, Wise Woman Healing Ways, Heartstone Center

1:00 - 1:30  MWH Vendors Live : Hills of Clay Pottery, Ellen Evert Hopman, True Nature Energy, Peaceful Parlour, Moonwise Herbs, Alaska Fresh, Fantastic Foraging

Spring 2021 Vendor Catalogue

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Hills of Clay Pottery

Ellen Evert Hopson

Ellen Evert Hopman

Coyote Moon Herb Co.

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True Nature

Energetic Healing


Old World Salves


Fantastic Foraging

Wise Woman Healing Ways with Robin Rose Bennett


Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials




We offer ethically made tees, tops, tanks, sweatshirts, skirts, dresses,  pants, onesies, bibs, hats, tea towels, totes and aprons printed with  original, hand-drawn botanical and humorous designs. 

Instagram: @taprootthreads 

Raffle Item: Sweatshirt 

Enter Raffle: Have folks email me their favorite design at with “raffle entry” in the subject line

Etsy Coupon Code: MIDWEST2021

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Moonwise Herbs

Moonwise Herbs is a community resource. We offer earth center herbal education, steeped in the Wise Woman Tradition, as well as 

handcrafted herbal wares. We grown and wild harvest many of the 

herbs in our products. We offer lotions, infused oils, soap, tinctures, 

dried herbs, raw honey, beeswax, books and much more! Herbalist 

Linda Conroy offers wellness consultations, intuitive tarot readings 

and personal mentoring.

Raffle Item: Basket with Lavender Gifts - Dried Lavender, Lavender Spray, Lavender Infused Honey, Lavender Wand, Lavender Infused Oil and Lavender Ointment. 

To Enter: Like and comment on one of her live streams this weekend before sunday night will be entered!

Coupon Code: Ship50free

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Hills of Clay Pottery

A colorful jumble of handcrafted ceramics. Functional pottery - mugs, bowls, spoon rests, covered jars, soap dishes, ornaments, etc.


“A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul.” Goethe

Raffle Item: Large Plate - green, floral, herbs (11.5" in diameter) (first photo) To Enter: Purchases an item from our Etsy shop before midnight Sunday (5/9) night

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Ellen Evert Hopman

Ellen Evert Hopman is the author of a number of books and has been a teacher of Herbalism since 1983 and of Druidism since 1990. She is a  professional member of the American Herbalists Guild and has presented on Druidism, herbal lore, tree lore, Paganism and magic at conferences, festivals, and events in Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and in the United States. Her books and DVDs cover Celtic and  Druidic lore and Herbalism, as both non-fiction and fiction.  Her book "Secret Medicines from Your Garden" has won several awards, including the International Herb Association book of the year. Find her books and her blog at 

Study Druidism at The Tribe of the Oak:

Raffle Item: A signed book - Leave a review of her workshop or book on her facebook or twitter and send her a message to make sure she sees it and she'll pick the most impressive comment!

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Coyote Moon Herb Company

This women owned company was created in 1985 to fill a niche for herbal tinctures especially made with the lunar cycle. Coyote Moon  makes  over 55 high quality medicinal tinctures made with the Lunar Cycle (such as Echinacea, Passion Flower, Motherwort), Aromatic and plant based massage oils,  a scentsational line of facial products with an Almond scrub, Calming Mask, Soothing facial serums and luscious facial  toners to top off your daily care regimen! You glow girl!! 

Also: first aid herbal salves including Goldenseal /Comfrey, Calendula and Chickweed. AND Calcium mineral tea, birthing needs, sitz baths, closet sachets,  herbal smoke blend, dream pillows, catnip mice.
Coyote Moon Herb Company 

Special orders are welcome!!  Coyote Moon distributes throughout the United States. I have Wholesale ordering for businesses! Theresa Finkbeiner gives herbal consultations; come by her virtual booth and ask her any herb question you may have!



Facebook: Theresa Finkbeiner

Click Here for her Retail Price List


Raffle Item: Aromatherapy Massage oil 4 oz , Calendula Salve 2 oz.     

To Enter: Message her your favorite product of her's through her website with a raffle request

Coupon Code: Put in comments : REFUND SHIPPING (I will  refund your shipping costs with your order this weekend. Ends May 10, 2021)

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Well Rooted Teas

Well-Rooted Teas are loose-leaf herbal teas crafted with plants from local organic farmers blended with foraged botanicals native to our region.  These infusions of herbs, roots, leaves, fruits and berries nourish the body and are grown and harvested in a manner which supports the health of our environment.  

Our inspired combinations meld together numerous nutritive and healing elements which promote personal health.  In drinking our teas you are not only caring for your own health, but also the health of our environment as 10% of our profits are given to local organizations working to protect and promote our environment.  We believe in the healing power of plants.  Nature restores, sustains, and nurtures.  Our blends connect you with these healing properties of nature.

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Peaceful Parlour

Eco friendly goods like beeswax wraps, organic produce bags, glass straws, green toys (USA made recycled plastic), bamboo silverware for on the go, mason jar drink lid, charcoal sticks for water bottles.  Fair trade chocolate, felted bird houses, USA made tea strainers, organic loose leaf organic teas.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a spiritual connection with nature and an absolute love of the outdoors. As I grew older, I had a deep fascination for sustainable living and what I could do to give back to nature. I became an admitted tree-hugger to say the least.

In establishing Peaceful Parlour back in the spring of 2010, I was able to merge all my passions & obtain my absolute dream while supporting my vivacious & lively son. When you come into the store, I want you to feel welcomed and at home in our peaceful and positive atmosphere. I want you to visualize easily incorporating these USA made, fair trade, eco-friendly products in your home. As a consumer you have the power to buy locally and support artists, organic farms, and other environmentally conscious initiatives & you are doing all of this when you choose to shop with us.

*Click HERE to see her livestream!*

Coupon Code: Celebrate10

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Old World Salves

13 different locally hand crafted Herbal salves. Each salve made with locally purchased or wildcrafted herbs.

 My journey into the world of Herbalism began 11 years ago. After leaving my military career I found myself traveling through the world of Alternative medicine. In 2019 I graduated from the Academy of Healthcare Science in Portland Oregon. After graduating I wondered where I was to go from here and as always the universe showed me the way. In a very spontaneous and unexpected manner I was introduced to a lovely couple, Russ and Victoria Fiorini. They were seeking to pass their Herbal salve business to someone who could carry on their legacy of healing. In 2021 Victoria Fiorini passed. In her honor I carry their business Old World Salves with pride and continue to carry their legacy of healing in her honor. Currently I call myself a practicing Herbalist.

Discount code: FREESALVE for a free salve of your choice at checkout


Raffle Item: Salve starter pack - Raffle item rules! In the youtube video comment section below please... #1 Introduce yourself & explain how herbs play a role in your life. What empowers you? #2 What made you decide to join the MidWest Women's Herbal Conference of 2021? Winner will be selected on Sunday May 9th.

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True Nature Energetic Healing

Kva at True Nature Energetic Healing Offerings & Nature Connection  Spirit Camps

Medicine Woman Tarot Exploration: 
What is the question you are wanting to ask? We'll call in our guides  and angels for guidance and information.

Song as Medicine Healing Circles and Community Song Circles

Authenticity Coach:
Encourager/Supporter/Listener/Clarifier/Co-Holder of your unfolding Soul path during times of challenge.

Energetic Healing Sessions : Reiki healing with Kva encompasses practices of channeling energy and sending Universal Life Force in the Usui tradition, psychic surgery. Your body guides and directs energy to where it is needed most.

Peruvian Shamanic & Intuitive Healing Sessions: Led by your intention and what energies/allies/support we call in for the journey we will deeply connect with what your heart & soul is asking for, for what is trying to be born through you...perhaps it is a soul retreival or a clearing of an energetic block or ?

Moonsong Women's Spirit Camps: 
Moonsong is a 2-4 day camping experience in natures, sometimes during the full moon with singing, dancing, storytelling, silence on the land, canoeing, and Earth Connection exercises to open and attune to the Spirit of the Land and Ancestors. A re-connection or deepening of your connection to the energy of the Earth and all life.
(I would be open to traveling to a wild space near you, if you have a group of 5 or more and cover travel expenses.)

21st Century Warrior Work - Showing Up, Claiming Our Power and Authenticity (New Moon & Full Moon Gatherings)

“When we are not fully present or empowered human beings, we can find ourselves caught in the shadow of the Warrior archetype. We have not claimed the Leader within our true nature...shadow shows up as rebellion, projecting our own authority out onto others or in patterns of invisibility.” Angeles Arrien

Self Study program with 
2 Wisdom Circle Gatherings @ Stone Light Retreat in Viroqua
New Moon June 10
Full Moon June24th

C0-Create the Wilderness Experience Your Heart & Soul long for with Kva as companion/guide in the Driftless Area.

Wildcat Mountain State Park 
5/23-25 & 6/27-29

Kva charges $40-80 (sliding scale) per/hr for one on one healing sessions

Livesteam Link:

Raffle Item: Shamanic Healing Session with Kva ($120)

To Enter: Like and Comment on her facebook livestreams before sunday night!

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Women's Liberation Radio


WLRN has collectively produced a monthly women's news podcast featuring a world news segment, music, interviews and commentary for the last five years. We are 100% volunteer operated and depend on listeners to distribute our work. Through the years we have featured interviews with Ruth Barrett, Lierre Keith, Linda Conroy, Meghan Murphy, Dominique Christina and Joni Seager among other feminist scholars, thinkers and activists. At the MWWH conference we will have t-shirts, buttons, stickers, posters and key chains available in exchange for your donation to the cause of feminist community-powered radio. Thanks for tuning in to WLRN!

Saturday & Sunday Livestream:

Raffle Item: Key Chain - To Enter: Like and comment on WLRN's facebook live-stream video!

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Alaska Fresh

Alaska Fresh brings the best wild Alaskan salmon and halibut from the sustainably managed Copper River and Prince William Sound fishing districts to the Lower 48. Our fish is hand-picked from the net, flash-frozen and sushi-grade quality. Eating wild fish versus farmed is so important for both your body and the environment. Alaska Fresh embodies a culture of knowing your food source personally, living off the land, and consciously consuming wholesome goods.


We are 50% women owned. We are proud sponsors of the Prince William Sound Science Center, the Copper River Watershed Project, the Midwest Women's Herbal Conference. Our packaging is made of recycled blue jeans for sustainability. We deeply care about the fishing village of Cordova, its people and its abundant fish and are honored to be a vehicle to get the world's finest salmon from remote AK to your doorstep.

During the livestream, we will showcase all of the products that are featured in our online store:​

Livestream Links:


Discount Code: HERBWOMAN for $10 off your first online order of $75 or more.

Raffle Item: Wild Alaskan Halibut & Salmon Box (5 pounds) valued at $117.50. - Free delivery within 20 miles of 53051 area code. If located outside of this region, winner pays shipping costs ($15 - $50 based on location). To enter raffle: Sign up for our newsletter via our home page ( or send us a chat with your email address. Winner will be announced the week after the conference.

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Wise Woman Healing Ways with Robin Rose Bennett

The Gift of Healing Herbs: Plant Medicines and Home Remedies for a Vibrantly Healthy Life :

Nominated as Herbal Book of the Year by the International Herb Association, The Gift of Healing Herbs offers readers an immersion into a myriad of ways to use herbal remedies to care for themselves and others on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Robin teaches through engaging stories and provides empowering information and hundreds of delicious, easy to follow recipes.


Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living – 10th Anniversary Edition :

Learn how to reconnect with the Earth, engage mystery, rebirth moon magic and women’s wisdom, prepare herbal infusions and baths, work with the Medicine Wheel of Magic, cast spells for love, wealth, and justice, and create community\ rituals. Healing Magic will guide you to cultivate your own spiritual awakening, open up to joy, and tap into the magic that is all around you.


Moon Meditation (CD or MP3) :

These new and full moon meditations are designed to help women and men reconnect with the cycles of the moon and help you find your own natural rhythms. Each meditation is 30 minutes and begins with an invocation to the seven directions to create a sacred circle. Working with the cycles of the moon awakens the divine feminine and will shift your experience of time from linear to cyclical.


Ocean Meditation (CD or MP3) : 

This fifteen minute meditation is a guided journey into the ocean, designed to soothe, heal, ease tension and relieve mental or emotional heaviness. It is relaxing, refreshing, and replenishing. It's perfect for anyone who loves the water and finds it a deep source of stress relief and regeneration.





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Coupon Code: " MWHC2021 " for 10% off her Autographed books (paperback versions only) and for Meditation CD’s or MP3’s  (discount not available for Ebooks)

Raffle Item: A set of Robin's books (Healing Magic and The Gift of Healing Herbs) - enter by signing up for her Newsletter click here


Fantastic Foraging

Toe Togs is now offering hands-free, Foraging belts and Slings to carry Tools, Water bottle, and buckle on collecting bags called Pocket Pouches. You can even build your own. Whether you are wild crafting, gardening, planting, or gathering; these tool belts will keep the tools you need close at hand.

Contact: or

Livestream: Verdant Ground youtube channel

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Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials

Herbal tinctures, oil, honey pastes, salves and Tammi Sweet's book! Located in the beautiful hills of upstate New York, we are an education & retreat center devoted to nourishing the essence of life in ourselves and on the Earth. We host an annual herbal apprenticeship program and a year long Journey of the Heart Program at our center.

Raffle: Online Anatomy & Physiology course 

To Enter: Like and Comment on the Heartstone Center Raffle Post on our marketplace facebook page

Coupon Code: MWWFREESHIP for free shipping till May 12

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Mountain Rose Herbs

People, plants, and planet are more important than profit. This seemingly simple principle is the bedrock on which Mountain Rose Herbs is built, the foundational philosophy that has guided us every day for 33 years and counting. Mountain Rose Herbs is an American grower, processor, distributor, and retailer of herbs, spices, teas, essential oils and DIY ingredients used in herbalism. Founded in 1987, the company is based in Eugene, Oregon. Mountain Rose Herbs is known for organic, sustainably sourced, and wild harvested products.

Coupon Code: mwwhc15 for 15% off
Valid May 5 – May 31, 2021